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Hello, thank you for visiting. Charlie's Cartoons is not currently taking commissions. We've just put our pencils down for a few months while we restructure the team and the website. Thanks for your understanding and we hope to see you again soon!
Very best wishes, Charlie

"I was overawed and delighted to receive my retirement gift, which captured my life and hobbies." – M. Douglas OBE, August 2016

"It would be an understatement to say that she was thrilled. she absolutely loves it" – H. Pritchett, June 2016

"It’s absolutely fantastic & even better in real life. Thank you so much, I already have 3 inbox messages asking for your details ;)" – D. Torkington, May 2016

"It is so accurate to the likeness of the subject. The silver frame complements perfectly. I will definitely use you again." – M. Merritt, December 2014

"Fantastic... I shall certainly pass on your details, although I have a feeling I may be ordering more myself." – D. French, August 2015

"My son is not usually short of words but he was so pleased with it he didn't know what to say." – T. Gannon, August 2015

Our caricatures from photos are the answer for everything from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and leaving dos.

Are you looking for a personalised, original present for a special occasion?

We create bespoke, unique gifts that sum up the highlights of a person's life, and remind them of the memories you share.

Our caricatures from photos will make that person smile for years to come.

We will fulfil your vision of that special person in paint and ink, with an extra dollop of imagination and humour. We will turn them into a Charlie's Cartoon!


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As seen on TV

Hand-Painted cartoon caricatures

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Hand-painted cartoon caricatures

Hand Painted cartoon caricatures

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Digital print cartoon caricatures

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The most personal gift ever!

Choosing personal gifts

Finding a special gift for someone, which shows thought and consideration for their personality, is not always easy. Most people will buy themselves what they really want or need, and it can be difficult to find someone a unique and surprising gift that brings a smile to their face. Whether you are looking for anniversary gifts, leaving gifts, wedding anniversary gifts or just to show somehow how much you love them, you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for here at Charlie's Cartoons.

If you find you are running out of ideas for that certain someone who has everything, why not consider caricatures? Cartoon caricatures are humorous, unexpected and unique gifts, and personalised caricatures are an excellent way to show that thought and care has gone into the present. If you find yourself stuck for a special present for a close friend or family member, all you need to do is dig out some photos of them for your caricatures, reflect on some good memories, and you will have the tools to get great caricature cartoons. So you can rest assured that you can provide the perfect birthday gifts, leaving gifts, anniversary gifts or wedding anniversary gifts when you come to us for caricature cartoons.

Why caricature cartoons?

Having cartoon caricatures created, rather than photographic portraits, gives a fun and humorous element to your gift. Caricature portraits are personal, yet cartoon caricatures can be so funny that they make everyone smile. Caricatures poke gentle fun at people, and reflect their personality in a very fond way, reflecting how well you know them. Caricature portraits make such special gifts that your personalised caricatures will be treasured for many years to come. The cartoon caricatures are a reflection of a time in a person's life, and they will always look back on the caricatures as a reminder of where they were at that point in time. If you want a gift that demonstrates how much you think of someone, cartoon caricatures are a thoughtful present that will show what they mean to you.

When to give caricature cartoons

Caricature cartoons are suitable to give as a present for any number of occasions. Whatever the occasion, many people will likely be thrilled to receive a present which has obviously had great care over it. Who does not want to receive a present that makes them smile? Cartoon caricatures can be given to commemorate special birthdays, to celebrate graduations, new jobs, or can be a great gift for newlyweds, with the caricature portraits really depicting the personalities of the happy couple. The personalised caricatures will be an everlasting reminder of the occasion, for your friends or family, as humorous caricature portraits will always raise a smile at the memory. Even if there is no special occasion, personalised caricatures can just be a great way to show someone that you care about them. The caricature can reflect what you love about them, or what makes you laugh about them most.

Finding personalised caricatures

Sourcing personalised caricatures means more than finding someone to copy original photos. You want to ensure that your cartoon caricatures poke light hearted fun at your chosen subject, and are not harsh or cruel depictions. Supplying additional information about your friend or family member to help with the cartoon caricatures, means that an artist can really personalise your caricature portraits and add certain touches that will mean your caricatures really reflect the true personality of the subject and really make the caricature cartoons as humorous as possible. At Charlie's Cartoons, we will take your photos and your stories, and turn them into custom caricature cartoons that are personal and unique - caricature portraits that really will deserve pride of place on the wall. Whatever you are celebrating, commemorating or trying to say about a friend or family member, Charlie's Cartoons will be able to depict the thought in a humorous and unique way.

Why Charlie's Cartoons?

At Charlie's Cartoons, nothing could be simpler than ordering one of our personalised caricatures from the website. To arrange cartoon caricatures, we will need a few photos of the subject that you want turning into caricature portraits, and some anecdotes that you can tell us about. If you are presenting caricature cartoons as leaving gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts or wedding anniversary gifts then