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March 28, 2011

Giving caricature portraits as retirement presents

Retirement is bittersweet. On one hand it’s a time to celebrate the successes of a long career and look forward to more relaxing times ahead, but on the other, retirement does mean leaving. Few people leave their workplace – all the friends and colleagues, all the projects as yet unfinished- without ever looking back.

The perfect present should show your appreciation for the retiring workmate and express sorrow that they’re leaving, but without getting too maudlin. You’ll want something that is precious yet light-hearted, more interesting than the traditional clock or watch, and something that will remind the recipient of the good times they had at work. Caricature portraits are perfect on all counts.

It’s quite possible to create an excellent caricature from photos so there is no need to ruin the surprise. Caricature gifts are a little unusual and even if they do spot a paper-wrapped rectangle that looks like a portrait, they’ll never suspect that the contents are much more fun than an everyday photograph.

Group caricatures make some of the best retirement presents because they provide a reminder of the friends that will be left behind. They also show that nobody in the cartoon is taking themselves too seriously. Not even the most sensitive ego could be bruised by appearing in a funny and well executed group cartoon.

Whether you’d like to know more about group caricatures or order an individual portrait, get in touch today. We’ll make sure that your departing friend gets a brilliant, heart-warming retirement gift.

March 21, 2011

Are your kids bored of portrait photography?

There are few things kids hate more than getting dressed up in their Sunday best, having their hair done and faces fussed over, and then having to sit for a family portrait. Mum and dad will treasure these pictures for years to come but the kids (especially boys) rarely see them as anything more than an embarrassment and a chore.

One things kids do love is cartoons. Having cartoon caricatures made instead of studio photo portraits is not only something different, the results are far more interesting to the younger members of the family. Even the rowdiest of small boys are usually delighted to be included in family caricatures even if it’s close to impossible to get them to stop making faces at the camera under normal circumstances.

You don’t have to get a special photograph taken, although you can if you want to. Caricature photos should show each member of the family at their best, doing what they like most, or you can simply choose a few photos from the family album. As long as we can get a really good idea of the individual features of each member of the group we can create great family caricatures.

Cartoon caricatures can show the characteristics of each family member individually, and provide a very good record of what hobbies the kids had and what mum and dad were doing at the time it was made. They are perfect snapshots of the family unit- their likes and dislikes, their interests and their passions. And they are so much more fun than plain old photo portraits!

March 15, 2011

Getting the best results from custom caricatures

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The great strength of caricature portraits as an art form (aside from the fun and good humour they embody) is the way they can show so much of an individual’s personality in a single frame. A photograph can illustrate and record a single aspect of a person, a single activity, a single situation. A caricature can go so much further.

We can include information about a hobbies and interests in custom caricatures. We can capture someone’s favourite outfit or a facial expression that is unique theirs. We can show their role in the workplace or the home and celebrate it. Personalised caricatures are always the best and they can go far beyond what the subject looks like.

Two people have input to custom caricatures. There’s the artist, who draws the cartoon, but there is also the one who supplies the photos and the information that goes into the artwork. In order to create the funniest, warmest, and most accurate caricature portraits we need to get to know the subject and for that we need your help.

That doesn’t mean meeting them. We’re more than happy to create a caricature from a photo. Do choose the photo wisely though. It should show the person as you want them drawn. Look through your picture collection and find a handful, preferably taken from different angles. Pick those that best sum up what you love about the caricature subject.

It’s also helpful if you can tell us something about them. Let us know what they like doing with their spare time and what makes them laugh. If they have a habit of raising a sceptical eyebrow or covering their mouth when they giggle, do tell us so we can integrate all that information into one great caricature.

March 9, 2011

Celebrate your holidays with personalised caricatures

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Family holidays should be celebrated. It’s often those memories that are the most precious. On holiday the whole family is together, enjoying themselves and getting along, seeing new sights and taking part in new and exciting activities. They are the times we look forward to more than any other and the times we remember most fondly when they’ve passed.

Personalised caricatures are a great way of recording a holiday. A photo will only show one moment (and one person will almost always be behind the camera, not taking part in the fun) but cartoons and caricatures can capture all the best bits of the whole holiday and combine them into one picture.

Perhaps the youngest son found a crab in a rockpool while the eldest took a windsurfing lesson. If you ask mum, the highlight of the holiday might have been the fancy restaurant dinner on the last night, while dad could have preferred reading the paper in his deck chair and having a relaxed snooze in the sun. All those elements and many more can be combined into a single picture through the magic of personalised caricatures.

We love creating family caricatures from holiday pictures and the stories that go along with them. The process is a lot of fun for us and at the end, you’ll get the perfect record of all your favourite holiday moments. Being able to put that special cartoon on the wall will make sure nobody in the family can forget what a great time they had together.

March 2, 2011

Getting caricatures done together

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Caricature pictures make wonderful surprise gifts but there is also some value in deciding to get one made as a couple. Sure, you miss out on the element of surprise (unlike a photographic studio portrait, it’s possible to create a caricature from photos you already have in your album – make copies and nobody need know that a personal caricature is on the way), but there is a positive side.

In order to help us draw the finest caricatures possible, you have to decide what elements you’d like in the picture. If you were ordering a cartoon portrait of a loved one you might ask for something specific to be included. We can use a favourite set of golf clubs, an aquarium of tropical fish, a best dress, or a beloved pet as an element in the picture. That goes for single portraits and couples. Getting caricature pictures made as a couple gives you an excuse to sit down and work out what the most important things in the relationship are. What is it you love about one another? What do you enjoy doing together?

Special memories can also be included in caricatures. We can include a detail from the place you met or the restaurant where he proposed. You can be drawn in a tropical jungle or in front of a New York cityscape as a reminder of a wonderful holiday you took together. Commissioning a caricature from photos is also the perfect excuse to sit down together and look through your collection of pictures.

A caricature of the two of you together is a celebration of your relationship, but simply getting one done together will bring you closer and remind you of all the good times you’ve had as a couple.  So go on, try caricature gifts for your next special occasion.

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