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February 18, 2012

Charicatures or Caricatures ?

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Why are people always spelling it charicatures? Beats me. But I guess I’ll have to roll with it. The tough thing is that, in creating a caricatures from photos business, I’ve opened the door to a world where I’m selling something that most people have trouble pronouncing, let alone spelling! So when someone gets in touch to order charicatures, do I get back to them saying yes, we can do caricatures from photos that you supply, or do I use their spelling to make them feel more comfortable? Hmm… I wouldn’t want to offend them J

Well I guess it’s not actually that important how you say it or how you spell it. At the end of the day, this is a photo to caricatures service that produces brilliant gifts for all sorts of occasions, whether you spell it charicatures or not. A more interesting question might be: How do you get from a photo to caricatures in the first place? Isn’t it difficult to paint a caricatures from photos of a person, without that person actually sitting for you? Now there’s an interesting question!

I guess the answer is that for caricatures from photos to be funny and accurate, you need the photos themselves to be really good. Not only as in high-resolution, clear and free of sunglasses or other obstructive things (you wouldn’t believe how many people ask me to apply their photo to caricatures when the photo shows a person wearing shades – I mean come on J) but true to the person. For caricatures from photos to be true to the subject, those photos need to be true to the subject too. So if they’re always laughing, provide a laughing photo. If they’re always chatting, get one of them mid-sentence.  It’s our job to do caricatures from photos that are really spot on. You supply them, we’ll do the rest.

February 14, 2012

What Present can you buy for a dad?

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Caricature Present for dad

Caricature Present for dad

Throughout the course of running this caricatures from photos business, I’ve been trying to answer one key question for customers: What presents for dad can I buy that he hasn’t got already? Dads can be daunting figures, and we often perceive them as having everything they need already – after all when we turned up our dads had already been around for a while, right? Dads have had time to accumulate most of the possessions which correspond to their direct interests. Except, of course, the yachts and sports cars. But we don’t necessarily want to buy those when a 60th birthday comes around, do we? Presents for dad can be tricky to choose. What could I possibly get him that he hasn’t already got, we ask… A caricature, we reply!

What’s great about creating caricatures from photos for a dad is that you’re not buying a thing that dad wants. You’re doing better than that. You’re representing everything that dad wants and loves. While the most valuable presents for dad can be the most expensive, caricatures from photos can be even more valuable, and produce even more happiness and satisfaction, for the fraction of the cost of say – a bag of golf clubs.



Sure, many people see a caricature as something disposable. When they’re rushed and gimmicky, they definitely are. But a caricature can be so much more than a stretchy face. A caricature from photos of moments shared with friends and family can be a gift worth keeping forever.

A caricature drawn and painted to contain the smallest details and funniest anecdotes of a life shared with your loved ones can genuinely become a favourite possession. So next time you’re struggling to buy dad something, don’t settle for something that will just join the pile of “things that dad has”, give him something that will hang on the wall by his bed and that he’ll look at every day: get him a caricature!

February 4, 2012

Online Caricatures Orders from 2011

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Well I’ve just come back from doing my yearly “reality check”, which is when I stop doing caricatures from photos, invoicing people and balancing the balance sheet for a few minutes, and actually come up for air to see what’s going on. For this, I use my very own caricature software. I’m not talking about an automatic caricature software that produces caricatures from photos in 20 seconds – I’m talking about Microsoft excel… and survey monkey!

When I’m not waving my brushes about, these are my two main tools. A spread sheet to tot up the “who’s who”: Ie, over the last year, who commissioned professional caricatures for who? And on what occasion? This has revealed some interesting facts. Whereas I thought that I was mainly producing leaving gifts for bosses and caricatures from photos of dads, it turns out that husbands turning 40 or 50 are the main target… and these professional caricatures are bought, of course, by their wives.

Then you’ve got the survey monkey. A brilliant tool, and free to boot, the “monkey” tells me what customers have thought of our professional caricatures service. I just ask a few key questions in a survey form: Why did you pick us over other providers of caricatures from photos? Did you type “caricature” into google, or was it something else? And what did you think of specific things like likeness, or the frame? All of this helps not just to refine our online marketing, but also in making our product better.

Caricatures from photos are not the easiest things to sell online… but then again, if there was no internet, there’d be no Charlie’s Cartoons. Thankfully, the tools are there which make the journey that much easier – so if anyone else out there thinking of selling caricatures from photos, don’t forget your caricature software!

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