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March 20, 2012

Caricature Artist, Gifts for Dads and The Big Hunt

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This Big Egg hunt ( is really working wonderful publicity for our caricature artist company, Charlie’s Cartoons! Every dad we have our helpers (basically, my Dad and my girlfriend J) flyering passers by on Trafalgar Square and in Fortnum and Masons, hoping that one or two of them here are looking for gifts for dads or gifts for husbands. Of course, that’ll be 0.0000001% of the people walking by at any given time… But the idea here is more to plant the seed in people’s minds. They may not be looking for a caricature artist when the day eventually comes to buy gifts for dads or gifts for husbands. But if they’ve seen our flyer, and our awesome eggs (there’s me being modest), then the idea might occur.

Caricature Artist

Caricature Artist


I mean the thing is, as a caricature artist, how are you going to get the word out there? How are you going to convince the world that out of all the thousands of potential candidates, you’re the caricature artist they should choose. Well obviously the internet is the starting point. Having a good site that people will want to go to, a portfolio that shows interesting examples, etc. But something has to call out to people, especially in the beginning of a business’ life. And sometimes you don’t have the budget to put billboards on the tube: “Gifts for dads, gifts for husbands, get them here!” No. So you have to be clever as a caricature artist, and get big marketing scoops for free. And the big egg hunt was just such an opportunity.

Two years ago I was advised to get my cartoons into a paper, so I campaigned and called and pestered until City AM let me illustrate first a features section, and then their front cover. I was their in-house caricature artist… for a month or so! The trouble was, not many people were ready to make the leap between “funny political cartoon” and gifts for dads. Gifts for husbands aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when you see a cartoon of Alastair Darling being King Kong on top of the Gherkin (see portfolio).

March 13, 2012

The Big Egg Hunt – Photo to Caricatures

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Well, we’re off! The big egg hunt has begun everybody…. Big, big, big whoop!! Over the last month, I’ve been undergoing a big photo to caricatures effort, mainly with photos found on the web, turning a blank canvas (a big white egg) into a piece of caricature art featuring twelve members (6 men and 6 women) of the UK Olympic team!

It’s on Trafalgar Square, the north west corner. Find it, email me, and you’ll get a freebee (mark my words…) let me see… 50% off “photo to caricatures” gifts for dads for the first 5 emails? How about that. If you read this blog, and you’re after gifts for dads (big birthday, father’s day, anything) email me with the exact location of that caricature egg and I’ll give you 50% off! How’s that for a spontaneous offer…

But anyway, gifts for dads weren’t the main thing I had in mind when I set out to produce these “photo to caricatures” eggs. Of course, I need to make money and create exposure for this company, and the Big Egg Hunt should help with that. But it’s also a great cause! The photo to caricatures artwork on the egg is part of a huge effort to raise money for Action for Children, a charity helping disadvantaged youths throughout the UK. So if you want to sponsor the egg, just pay it a visit and text the number on the plinth… and guess what, you can win a big jackpot as well as giving to charity – win win!

But back to the egg: Going to google images for pictures of Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis etc, in order to transform a photo to caricatures on the egg, was a pretty tough task. For a start, very few photos available for free on the webare good quality… But I managed to get the caricature right eventually. Transposing a photo to caricatures is so much easier when you’ve met a person in the flesh!

March 6, 2012

Caricature Artist to Draw Caricatures from Family Photos

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I’ve recently received a wave of orders of people just wanting a family cartoon – customers wanting to commission a caricature artist to produce one big (usually a3 or a2) caricature from photo portraits of their family. So these aren’t for any particular individual – they’re just a gift for the family in general. A caricature from photo, that will hand over the mantelpiece for years and years, and remind everyone of the good times, of the family unit, even when times are tough.

But anyway, enough romantic harping on. What if you DO need to commission a caricature artist to do something for a specific person? The most common commissions tend to be gifts for husbands. Gifts for husbands can be very difficult to procure – a bit like gifts for dads! (And yes, I know, they’re often the same thing…)

The thing is, what sort of effect do you want to have on your husband? Do you want him to feel like you’ve invested every last penny you had? Well, probably not. Especially in these cash-strapped times, aren’t you better off both saving for your kids’ education, the mortgage, and so on? On the other hand, perhaps gifts for husbands should reflect something more personal: How much you know him… and a shared sense of humour. That is what a caricature from photo portraits of the man himself can do. A caricature from photo material can really sum a person up. Frame it, and you’re onto a winner for under 150 quid.

Next step is getting the right caricature artist to do this for you. The truth is, Charlie’s Cartoons is just one of many, and to get just the right caricature from photo, you’re best off browsing the web for just the right person or company… But of course, of all those caricature from photo providers, I think we’ve got the edge J

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