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June 14, 2013

A crucial month…

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It’s been a busy few weeks, with lots of photographs being sent in ready for us to turn into cartoons. There’s always something slightly nerve-wracking about placing that first brush-stroke onto the paper, especially when painting caricatures from photos. Trying to depict the personality of the person you are portraying in a fun and humorous way can be quite challenging! So to see a caricature come to life as you apply the finishing touches is extremely rewarding, especially as you know as it will be brightening up someone’s day, perhaps as a leaving gift, a birthday present, or a memento of a special holiday. The magic of caricatures from photographs is how fully they can capture the subject’s personality, perhaps more than the original photograph ever could.

The recent option of choosing a digital cartoon has been proving very popular, the crisp lines and smooth colours making for a nice contrast to the more traditional hand painted watercolours. These too are created from sent-in photos, so the result is still a highly personalized caricature of great quality, making for something that will be valued for a long time.

It’s getting easier than ever to immortalize a person or moment, with us now being able to take an infinite number of high-resolution pictures on our mobile phones and other gadgets.  Whilst this is great, it also means photos have lost some of their importance, some of their charm. In an electronic age, photographs can become disposable and forgettable. People like permanence, and a caricature created from a photograph, whether painted or digital, offers a kind of tactile reality that is often lost today. The act of an artist making a caricature from a photo somehow makes it more real, as their artistic personality amplifies the personality of the subject, resulting in a picture that can be both funny and heart warming.

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