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August 4, 2010

Are Cartoon Caricatures the Holy Grail of Gifts?

Have you ever been looking for a perfect gift for a wedding and wanted to get the happy couple something unique that nobody else will have thought of? In many ways this is the Holy Grail of wedding gifts but here’s a useful tip – Why not take a look at getting personalised caricatures made of the bride and groom? Cartoon caricatures are a wonderful gift and a good artist will be able to use a number of photos plus some information on the people to create a humorous piece of unique comic art that the bride and groom can keep forever, they can even include them in their wedding photograph album.

What is so unique and special about Cartoon caricatures is that they take in all aspects of the person or people represented. Often an artist will want quite a lot of information about their subject, some details about them as people, things they like and dislike and some amusing anecdotes from their past. This will give them a much better idea about their personality since the cartoon is meant to be much more than just a photograph; it is meant to reflect the best parts of the subject in a picture and to bring out their inner characteristics as well as just their looks. A good artist will work with you and give you an idea how the personalised caricatures will look before they do the final piece of artwork – This is much more than a few minute street artist would do because you will be allowed to work on ideas and put a lot of your own ideas into the final product.

Of course you could use these for things other than weddings. Are you stuck for a 21st Birthday present, maybe a special graduation gift? The caricature is surely a gift for every occasion.

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