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June 30, 2010

Caricature Portraits – The Ideal Gift

If you’re buying a present for someone close to you and you want to make it really memorable, the challenge isn’t ‘what can I afford?’ To find a really special gift you need to invest some cash and most people are readily prepared to do so.  The question of ‘where should I look’ is also no longer a problem  these days thanks to the plethora of specialist gift and gadget retailers that have sprung up on the high street and the internet, all offering a whole range of thoughtful, unusual items for every occasion form christenings to crystal weddings.

The real nut to crack when it comes to buying the perfect gift is, ‘how to I make sure I find something that they don’t already have, and that they’re not going to get from anyone else?’

If you’re shopping for a wedding present, birthday present or gift for any memorable event, the chances are that all the other guests are probably thinking exactly the same thoughts and hunting in exactly the same places.

But luckily there’s an easy way to solve this conundrum – give them a painting of themselves; not an old fashioned oil painting, but something fun, original and personal like a personalised caricature, which can reflect many aspects of their appearance and personality or remind them of a special event or memory.

Thanks to the appearance of websites specialising in cartoon caricatures, you won’t ruin the surprise by asking your friend to pose for the painting – all you need to do is send a few photos and liaise with the artist online to ensure you get exactly what you want. If your friend enjoys sky-diving, commission a caricature that shows them in action; if you went on an amazing holiday with them, ask for the picture to be set in that holiday location. The details are entirely up to you, and once you’ve decided on your requirements you’ll be sent a beautifully painted, framed cartoon caricature that’s all ready for the big day.

As well as being amazing gifts in themselves, caricature portraits really prove that you’ve thought long and hard about finding the right thing, invested time into purchasing it. What’s more, caricatures are guaranteed to be completely personal and unique to the recipient – this is the real key to ensuring you find a gift that will never be forgotten.

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