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September 29, 2010

Cartoon Caricatures

For many people, the mention of cartoon caricatures conjures up an image of a the seaside promenade; a crowded beach front with a row of artists sketching uncomfortable looking tourists, as many more tourists look on. But, in reality, the days when the sea side was the only place you could get a caricature drawn are gone. What’s more, caricatures have matured into a fantastic way of surprising a friend or relative with a very thoughtful gift – here are the top three reasons why:

No posing necessary: these days you don’t need to sit in front of a crowd of tourists as you pose for your caricature – online companies like Charlie’s Cartoons can manage the entire process over the internet, with impressive results.  All you need to do is send a photograph or two and include a brief description of the subject – you can liaise with the artist to discuss your exact requirements and everything else is done by them: this means you can totally surprise a friend or relative with a caricature of themselves. All you need are a few good photos and a little bit of time.

An original gift: if you have a friend with a sense of humour and you want to find them the perfect present, cartoon caricatures are a great idea. They are fun, memorable and thoughtful, plus they make for a very personal gift – as you go through the design process you can make sure that they really reflect the personality and style of the person in question. The beauty of such services lies in the ability to create unique artwork that looks exactly as you want it to look: you’ll see the idea for the finished caricature before its drawn so you can make comments and changes to ensure that you’re totally happy with the finished product.

No hassle: If you’re shopping for a wedding present or birthday gift, the chances are that all the other present buyers are hunting in exactly the same places, and the shops are often less fun when you’re not selecting things for yourself. Not only will a caricature be a unique gift, it will be completely hassle free for you to get your hands on: with an on-line service like Charlie’s, once you’ve sent a few photos with some supporting information, the finished product will be delivered to you framed and ready to go – hand painted and beautifully finished.

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