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January 24, 2012

Digital Superhero Caricature vs Hand Painted Caricature pt1

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Most of the time, people want the best possible thing, at the cheapest possible price, and as quick as possible… So when they’re looking for caricatures, custom vector caricatures, according to this principle, would be the best choice. A number of websites create a superhero caricature, or design team caricatures for t-shirts, or deliver whatever cartoon caricature related product you want, digitally, and within very little time. So why bother pushing the boat out and spending more for a hand-made caricature?

Well, ideally I’d get one of our happy customers to give you a call and tell you why. After all, I’m obviously going to tell you that what we do is brilliant, but if you got it from the horse’s mouth… then you’d realise why a hand-made cartoon caricature was so much more valuable than a digital product.

Of course, it really depends what you’re after. Sometimes you don’t have the budget to invest, or the cartoon caricature isn’t for a particularly special occasion, in which case it’s far better to go after custom vector caricatures automatically generated from photo material.

But sometimes that’s not the case. If you want to make an impression with a loved one, or if you want an image that represents your company… You’ll be looking for a higher level of creative investment in your cartoon caricature.

Websites create a superhero caricature for a kid if that’s what he’s looking for – similarly, websites that produce artwork for companies who want to represent their staff in the best light, will produce a hand-made cartoon caricature if that’s the desired style. Because even if all that’s required is a digital product, custom vector caricatures somehow don’t fully convey personality. You have to involve the human touch, go back to basics, and then digitalise the cartoon caricature to make it website-friendly.


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