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August 25, 2010

How are Personalised Caricatures Made Online

Sometimes, on those bright sunny days in the cities of the world you will see an artist sitting with a small crowd around them, sketching a subject and drawing cartoon caricatures of passers by. Have you ever wished that you had the kids with you so that you could get personalised caricatures made of them, or members of your family or your best friend? Maybe even your boss! Sadly this isn’t always possible but there are now caricature artists who operate online who will do this. But how do they do it?

A good online artist will work in a similar way to the street artists, but because they can’t see their subject they will require a number of photographs to work from. In many ways this can be an advantage because the photographs will show many different sides to the subject’s personality. They may show them being sporty, being with their families or pets, being in a party mood or a reflective mood. This is only half of what it takes to make good personalised caricatures though; the artist will also ask for some personal information. They will want to know some of their subject’s history, what they like to do, what their hobbies and interests are and they will ask for some amusing anecdotes from their past that better reflect their subject’s personality.

This gives the artist a much more clear idea of who their subject is. The online caricature artist will take all of this information and come up with an idea of what they want to draw but generally, before they actually commit this to a final portrait they will run this past the person commissioning the work and get their feedback to check this is how they want it to be. Once there is an agreement the artist will create the final work and send it out to the buyer. Simple, but very effective.

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