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September 8, 2010

Wedding Gifts That Stand Out

Wedding season is in full swing, and over the next few months many people will find themselves attending at least one or two – if not an entire summer’s worth. Although weddings are always something to look forward to as a guest (minimum hassle when it comes to organisation, just a great party and a lovely celebration to look forward to), they do take a bit of work as well, from organising transport and accommodation to finding a suitable outfit.

But the really tough nut to crack when you’ve been invited to a wedding is buying the perfect gift; how can you make sure you find something that the happy couple doesn’t already have, and that they’re not going to get from anyone else?  A wedding is one of life’s most memorable events for the bride and groom so, even for those couples who wisely choose to set up an online wedding shop or opt for gift vouchers, it’s worth investing in a more personal gift that will remind them of their big day for years to come.

If you’ve decided you want to find a personal and unique wedding gift for a close friend or relatives, Charlie’s Cartoons is the bespoke answer you’re looking for. Charlie’s Cartoons are custom made, beautifully painted cartoon caricatures that are especially designed to provide a lasting memento of the highlights in life – and what better highlight to celebrate than a wedding?

With an on-line service like Charlie’s, all you need to do is send a few photos with some supporting information about couple for whom the cartoon caricature is intended. Once you’ve fine-tuned your request the result, which is always hand drawn and painted, will be delivered to you framed and ready to go, so you won’t ruin the surprise by asking your friends to pose for the painting.

The beauty of this service lies in the ability to create unique artwork that looks exactly as you want it to look: you’ll see the idea for the finished caricature before its drawn so you can make comments and changes to ensure that you’re totally happy with the finished gift. The newlyweds will be delighted not only by the present, but by the thought and effort you’ve obviously put into to your choice. Caricatures are fun and original, so they’ll provide a unique contrast to the traditional wedding photos or posed portraits that many newlyweds pose for, as well as a lasting memory.

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