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January 11, 2012

Best Medium for Caricatures From Photos

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The medium used when producing caricatures can change depending on the surface you’re working with, and the audience and event you’re targeting. Usually, we use watercolour paint when working on caricatures from photos that clients supply to us, in order to produce their personalised gifts on A3, A4 or A2 paper. These look great up close, and watercolours are the best when you’re dealing with intricately detailed cartoon caricatures, and you don’t want to overpower the indian ink lining.

However, when you want to have more of an impact from afar, acrylic is the way forward. I’m currently producing a series of caricatures from photos of athletes from the UK Olympic team, which I’m painting onto a giant egg that will be placed on a plinth in a public space somewhere in London. This is part of the “Big Egg Hunt”, a London-wide charity project that’s aiming to raise millions for the charity Action For Children. And by the by, it’ll be a great promotional tool for our caricatures business too!

Anyway, for this I am using acrylic. Why? Because first of all, it’s the easiest medium for cartoon caricatures painted on a canvas primed surface. And second, it catches the eye from afar. The colours are bold, strong and dense, as opposed to watercolours with which you can struggle to get your caricatures from photos that are really defined and colourful, look defined and colourful too.

But caricatures from photos of people that you’ve never met are always tricky, whatever the medium you’re using. I personally always try to create my caricatures from photos that are high-resolution, and reveal every detail about the face and general physique… but despite everything that’s available on google, producing high quality caricatures from photos that have just the right angle, and aren’t over-pixellised, is far from easy.

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