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September 23, 2010

Connoisseur’s Choice

Caricature cartoons and personalised caricatures have long been considered as the connoisseur’s choice for bespoke personalised gifts. Indeed, perhaps no other art form is as flexible and diverse; from caricature gifts for loved ones to political cartoons in international newspapers to magazines such as MAD, the art of caricature is ageless and subject to constant transmogrification.

An entire culture and global industry has grown around cartoons and caricatures, with a prestigious International Society of caricature Artists, international expositions and conferences, industry magazines and guides, websites and merchandising all paying homage to the art and history of caricature. Furthermore, there are international awards ceremonies which are dedicated to the recognition of the finest exponents of this amazing art form. Charlie has been an artist since he was a child, and his lifelong passion for artistic impression is now focused on the production of cartoons and caricatures. Therefore if you have always wanted your own caricatures to treasure forever, please look no further than Charlie’s cartoons. Discerning customers from all walks of life have chosen caricature gifts for those whom they love and admire for centuries now, because these portraits just have a certain je ne sais quoi which makes them that little bit special.

The art of caricature constantly reinvents itself and the very nature of its production involves an inherent explosive energy and intellectuality which ensures that a stunning caricature portrait will never go out of fashion. We sincerely hope that you will trust Charlie for all of your caricature needs – as Charlie’s Cartoons are most definitely the connoisseur’s choice.

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