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May 15, 2010

How to Make Sure You Get the Best Caricatures Possible

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift, caricatures could well be the way to go. They’re unique, personal and everyone is bound to appreciate them, but how can you make sure you’re getting the best?

Often, it comes down to the cartoonist that you go to. You need to make sure that they’re experienced and that they can produce quality pieces of artwork, because if it isn’t of the quality you expect then your recipient certainly won’t want to hang it on their wall.

But, you also need to give the cartoonist the right information if you want to make it extra personal. You need to give them photos that really portray the likeness of the recipient, but you’ll also have to give them other information so they can add a bit more detail into the final result. Personalised caricatures are just that, personal, so you need to make sure that the final piece hits the mark.

Consider the final look of any custom caricatures you commission as well, and consider having them framed to make the gesture even more special. By already framing the portrait you’re taking care of everything, and all the recipient has to do is figure out where to hang it.

These are just a few ways that you can get the best caricature gifts possible, and if you bear them in mind you’re bound to be impressed with the result. But, if you want to increase your chances of being satisfied, make sure to come to us here at Charlie’s Cartoons. With a professional and top-quality service we’re confident you’ll be happy with the final product, so why not see for yourself?

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