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March 21, 2011

Are your kids bored of portrait photography?

There are few things kids hate more than getting dressed up in their Sunday best, having their hair done and faces fussed over, and then having to sit for a family portrait. Mum and dad will treasure these pictures for years to come but the kids (especially boys) rarely see them as anything more than an embarrassment and a chore.

One things kids do love is cartoons. Having cartoon caricatures made instead of studio photo portraits is not only something different, the results are far more interesting to the younger members of the family. Even the rowdiest of small boys are usually delighted to be included in family caricatures even if it’s close to impossible to get them to stop making faces at the camera under normal circumstances.

You don’t have to get a special photograph taken, although you can if you want to. Caricature photos should show each member of the family at their best, doing what they like most, or you can simply choose a few photos from the family album. As long as we can get a really good idea of the individual features of each member of the group we can create great family caricatures.

Cartoon caricatures can show the characteristics of each family member individually, and provide a very good record of what hobbies the kids had and what mum and dad were doing at the time it was made. They are perfect snapshots of the family unit- their likes and dislikes, their interests and their passions. And they are so much more fun than plain old photo portraits!

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