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March 28, 2011

Giving caricature portraits as retirement presents

Retirement is bittersweet. On one hand it’s a time to celebrate the successes of a long career and look forward to more relaxing times ahead, but on the other, retirement does mean leaving. Few people leave their workplace – all the friends and colleagues, all the projects as yet unfinished- without ever looking back.

The perfect present should show your appreciation for the retiring workmate and express sorrow that they’re leaving, but without getting too maudlin. You’ll want something that is precious yet light-hearted, more interesting than the traditional clock or watch, and something that will remind the recipient of the good times they had at work. Caricature portraits are perfect on all counts.

It’s quite possible to create an excellent caricature from photos so there is no need to ruin the surprise. Caricature gifts are a little unusual and even if they do spot a paper-wrapped rectangle that looks like a portrait, they’ll never suspect that the contents are much more fun than an everyday photograph.

Group caricatures make some of the best retirement presents because they provide a reminder of the friends that will be left behind. They also show that nobody in the cartoon is taking themselves too seriously. Not even the most sensitive ego could be bruised by appearing in a funny and well executed group cartoon.

Whether you’d like to know more about group caricatures or order an individual portrait, get in touch today. We’ll make sure that your departing friend gets a brilliant, heart-warming retirement gift.

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