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December 18, 2010

Caricature As Expression

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Caricatures have been used for generations for a variety of purposes and caricature art is a powerful and potent artistic genre.  It has been used to make serious satirical and political comment on contemporary current affairs in an incisive and humorous fashion. It can be used to inform, provoke, entertain, honour or celebrate any subject and is sure to never go out of fashion. All caricature portraits involve some form of exaggeration; whether of the subject’s physical features or personal habits, passions or hobbies.

Charlie is proud to be a part of this unique artistic tradition and utilised all the skills and talent of the greatest caricature artists in order to create caricature from photos, personal recollections, family histories and biographical details. Thus, the wonderful caricature gifts which he creates for his satisfied customers are a microcosm of the subject’s life, and are guaranteed to raise smiles of recognition on the faces of all who see them. Caricatures can be created for individuals or groups and Charlie always manages to capture a fantastic energy in his group caricatures. He has the special ability to find what is particularly unique and memorable about any subject.

Caricature gifts excite and amuse all who receive them and often, the person who is giving the gift becomes as excited as the recipient is sure to be. The act of giving a gift becomes extremely enjoyable when you order custom caricatures, because you can witness your artwork coming to life before your very eyes, Charlie will consult and advise you on your proposed project before completing his commission with trademark skill, flair and nonchalance.  Caricature as artistic expression is here to stay and Charlie affords you the unique opportunity of owning or donating a unique piece of art to your loved ones. Charlie ensures that you can have a unique piece of art which is a part of a proud artistic tradition.

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