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June 8, 2011

Caricature from photos

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When might someone think of making a caricature from photos? Well, typically there are two different types of occasion on which the idea might pop up.

Firstly, maybe you already have a photo from a special occasion that you would like to turn into a photo. If this is a real favourite, then the caricature could be even closer to your desired vision of those people and of that moment, than the photo itself! Think of how much you like the photos themselves, and then imagine, with all the creative input that a caricature artist will pour into your cartoon, how much you would love a caricature from photos that are your favourite in the world! We might be talking about a dad carrying his daughter on his shoulders, or a group sitting at a dinner table celebrating someone’s graduation. Whether it’s just one person or a whole group, a caricature from photos will tale the tale even better than a photo ever could!

Secondly, you might start the process from the other end and imagine what your perfect caricature might look like, describe your ideas to the artist, and go and look for the relevant photos afterwards. Even though in this case the characters would be taken out of context (a caricature artist could take a photo of you sitting on your home sofa and turn it into a caricature of you swinging on a vine over the Amazon river!), an interesting caricature from photos that just happen to be kicking about on your hard drive is always possible – you’ve just got to believe in the power of the imagination!

So don’t think you can’t make a great caricature from photos that aren’t that interesting – you can! Conversely, if you need to create a caricature of your boss sitting at his desk to provide a different but professional looking mug shot for a company website, and all you have is a photo of him dancing the Hula at a beach resort, then that kind of transplantation out of context is possible too. You’ll make a caricature from photos you never expected!

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