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June 24, 2011

Caricatures from photo

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When it comes to corporate gifts or company mementos, caricatures from photo documentation of a particular event can really keep the buzz from a team building exercise or field trip buzzing on throughout the year. Just pick the best photo from the endless folder-fulls of funny snapshots that colleagues tend to e-mail each other after such an event, and send it to your caricature artist. You’d be amazed by how much caricatures from photo 2124 (or whichever it was…) will bring an office to life, hanging from the wall of the coffee room in a nice wooden frame – just think of that!

Recently a group of colleagues sent me a photo of a rafting field trip in Canada – they were a group of young management consultants from Vancouver who had just been on a trip that sounded about as exhilarating as they get. Camping for two days, trekking to the starting point way up in the rockies, hours away from the nearest hospital, about to do one of the most dangerous sports there is! Clearly when they put their inflatable dinghies in the churning water, upstream of 8 miles of rushing white water rapids, caricatures from photo snapshots from other colleagues was probably the last thing on their mind. I had seen thei r website mugshots. Serious confident, neat – miles away from the looks of utter out-of-control exhilaration (veering in some cases to blind panic) that I saw in the photo they sent me when they returned from their adventure. Some of them couldn’t even believe that their expressions had been that extreme when I showed them the final article. But when I showed them the snapshot they had to admit it: These are caricatures from photo evidence, I told them.  There was no denying that that was them, at their best!

So if you’re wondering whether caricatures from photo recordings of your most exhilarating adventures are a good idea, the answer is usually yes… provided someone had the presence of mind to take a photo at the time!

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