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March 2, 2011

Getting caricatures done together

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Caricature pictures make wonderful surprise gifts but there is also some value in deciding to get one made as a couple. Sure, you miss out on the element of surprise (unlike a photographic studio portrait, it’s possible to create a caricature from photos you already have in your album – make copies and nobody need know that a personal caricature is on the way), but there is a positive side.

In order to help us draw the finest caricatures possible, you have to decide what elements you’d like in the picture. If you were ordering a cartoon portrait of a loved one you might ask for something specific to be included. We can use a favourite set of golf clubs, an aquarium of tropical fish, a best dress, or a beloved pet as an element in the picture. That goes for single portraits and couples. Getting caricature pictures made as a couple gives you an excuse to sit down and work out what the most important things in the relationship are. What is it you love about one another? What do you enjoy doing together?

Special memories can also be included in caricatures. We can include a detail from the place you met or the restaurant where he proposed. You can be drawn in a tropical jungle or in front of a New York cityscape as a reminder of a wonderful holiday you took together. Commissioning a caricature from photos is also the perfect excuse to sit down together and look through your collection of pictures.

A caricature of the two of you together is a celebration of your relationship, but simply getting one done together will bring you closer and remind you of all the good times you’ve had as a couple.  So go on, try caricature gifts for your next special occasion.

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