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July 8, 2011

Handmade or Digital

There’s a number of great sites out there doing caricatures from photos. Some of them are more digital based, using sophisticated photoshop methods to achieve brilliant creative results in a minimum time. Often the results are neat, high-impact and clear. In addition, due to the short time it takes a well trained photoshop artist to create such a caricature, the products are often quite affordable too. So why pay more for one of our hand-made cartoons?

Well there’s no straightforward answer to that. After all, I guess we just make the same basic product: Caricatures from photos that customers supply. Except ours take longer and cost more. So why bother? Well, let me paint you a picture (as it were): Your granny gets two pictures for her 80th birthday: One is a digital cartoon, very slick and well made, slightly reminiscent of the kind of illustration you might get in a glossy magazine. The other is a hand-made cartoon, made with ink and paint, containing details that the cartoonist pored over for days to produce. Which of these two caricatures from photos do you think she’s more likely to keep for a long time? If you’ve gone for the hand made caricatures from photos (that’s what I was angling for…) then you’re right: These are really enduring gifts. They will be kept for years to come and raise a smile on a regular basis. So they’re worth the investment, don’t you think?

At the far end of the digital spectrum, you even get programmes online that will use complex algorithms to transform your photo into a cartoon. As this is fully mechanised and doesn’t take a second of artistic intervention, the service can be free (the sites get money from advertising only). Once again, a great idea for some type of occasion: An e-invite to a birthday party, for example. But if you’re looking for long-lasting caricatures from photos, go the hand-made route. It’ll be something that’s kept forever.

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