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June 14, 2010

That Personal Touch

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Undoubtedly the best presents are the most memorable, regardless of costs; therefore if you achieve uniqueness with a gift – you have truly attainted the holy grail! However, far from being unattainable, unique gifts really are out there! And one of the most unique, and frankly, humourous, has to be personalised caricatures. But what is it that makes personalised caricatures so… well… personalised?

Well, as Charlie makes the caricature from photos, he is able to get a spot on likeliness of the subject, whether its your own caricature or a the caricature of a loved one etc – of course the nature of caricature portraits means that the completed caricature will be a cartoon version of your subject – let’s face it, that’s what’s so fun!

Additionally, Charlie will want to create the caricature portraits within an appropriate context – or to put it more simply, your caricature will be shown with mannerisms that are unique to him or doing something that they are well known for – so if your loved one loves football, then a caricature cartoon of your subject playing the beautiful game would be perfect! This personalised touch to the caricature cartoons means you’ll have to let Charlie know a little about your subject or subject and you can exchange ideas.

So, it truly is possible to get a special someone a truly unique gift and let’s them know exactly how special they are to you.

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