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February 2, 2011

Charlies Cartoons caricature cartoons

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift, most of us look for something that is personal, special and appropriate to the person we are buying it for. That’s not easy – and that’s where Charlie’s Cartoons can help.

Because after all – what could be more personal than caricature cartoons of the people you wish to surprise with a gift? Caricature portraits take a photo of your friend, colleague or relative and exaggerate the main features with good humour until you have warm and charming caricature pictures of them.

We know from our customers that they absolutely love them – and because we supply our caricature pictures carefully framed, they can hang them on the wall for years. Caricature gifts are special because they are completely individual. It takes an expert to create them, of course – our artist Charlie has been creating caricature portraits since he was just a few years old, so he certainly has years of great experience!

Custom caricatures make excellent gifts for many occasions. For instance, if your friends are getting married, you could present them with wedding caricatures of their big day. Or perhaps someone well-liked is leaving work – we can create group caricatures of everyone in the office so he or she has a permanent memory of the friends left behind.

Artist Charlie needs only a few photographs to work from, and possibly a story about the person you wish to caricature. The result is a custom-made gift that will continue to delight for years – well worth the money.

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