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February 21, 2011

Charlies Cartoons cartoon caricatures

People love cartoons – and seeing themselves as cartoon caricatures is irresistible!

Drawing cartoon caricatures is a real skill, though, and not many artists truly have the gift. Charlie of Charlie’s Cartoons found out that he was a talented cartoonist at an early age, and has made the day of thousands of people since then with his caricature cartoons.

Charlie creates caricature from photos, which customers supply to him – two or three are usually enough. He combines the caricature photos, which give him the physical attributes of the person or people to be caricatured, with information that you provide if you wish. This could be a funny story about the person who will receive the caricature, or information about they things they love – maybe football, or embroidery, or walking the dog in the woods.

Caricature cartoons take a lot of care to create, but Charlie can create your gift in up to three weeks. Once you’ve agreed a theme to the customer caricatures, he gets to work to drawn the caricature pictures first in pencil and then in ink.

What makes these caricature gifts something to treasure for years is the quality of the artistry that goes into them – and of course, they are mounted and framed to your own specification, so the person you are buying them for can hang them on the wall for years. Caricature gifts are unique to everyone.

We all spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect gift – and a caricature from photos certainly presses all the buttons.

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