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June 4, 2010

The Best Gift You’ll Ever Give!

Gift giving is a fundamental aspect of how we choose to mark occasions and celebrate chronological landmarks such as birthdays and anniversaries. Unfortunately, such is the prevalence of gift giving in our culture, that it is becoming ever-more difficult to give presents that are truly unique – which has to be the main aims of any self-respecting gift!

One solution to this problem is to give a gift that is personalised and that you can be sure is truly one of a kind! But how do you do this without seriously breaking the bank?

Well, with caricature cartoons from Charlie’s Cartoons it is now possible to give a truly unique and personalised gift without having to re-mortgage your home! So – what are caricature pictures?

Caricature pictures or “caricature cartoons” are a humourous twist on traditional photographs, as they are essentially cartoons of well anyone, whether its your loved ones or even yourself! This means that, for example, family caricatures can be a great alternative to traditional family portraits and a great way to mark that special occasion, with a distinctly humourous twist.

Of course caricature cartoons are not just appropriate for special occasions, they also make awesome surprise gifts! What could be more surprising than seeing yourself rendered as a cartoon!

It is this humorous twist, as-well as the shock factor, we  at Charlie’s Cartoons believe this makes caricature cartoons the best gift you’ll ever give!

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