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October 17, 2011

Caricatures from Photos

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How do we make sure we get our caricatures from photos absolutely spot-on? Well, my view used to be that the subjective buck has to stop somewhere, and that I should simply have the final call on how the cartoonists arrive at their successful draft. I used to check the drafts of our caricatures from photos on my own, and not run them past the customer, trusting that my instinct was always right. Well guess what, I was wrong!

Sure, in most cases the caricatures from photos that were of good enough quality, if faithful to the original image and mixed together with enough entertaining fantasy on the part of the artist, would go down very well. And I would always let out a long “phiewph” at every happy response email that would come my way concerning the completed caricatures from photos.

But every so often we would get a bad surprise. “That’s not at all him!” the odd customer would say after seeing the final product. The truth was that my desire to make these caricatures from photos into wonderful surprises that customers could discover all in one go had outweighed practical reality. My vision and the vision of my associate cartoonists might be good. It might be artistic. But it might not be right. And after all, context and composition is all very well, but likeness is the single most important thing for caricatures from photos.

So since January 2011, we have run drafts of all our caricatures from photos past our customers before proceeding to the ink and paint stage. And the result? Nobody ever gets disappointed… and the surprise is still just as great!

August 28, 2011

Caricatures As Graduation Gifts

Graduations are a time to show how proud you are of your children, friends, relatives, or anyone else who has recently finished, or is about to finish, university. If you’re hoping to give someone a unique graduation gift, why not consider caricatures?

Custom caricatures are a fun way of giving a unique gift that anyone will love. Whatever the age or personality of the recipient, the occasion of a university graduation deserves to be recognized with a gift. And a unique, fun gift is always better.

Why not send us some photos of the recipient so that we can draw a cartoon caricature that can be framed and hung in a place of honour. All you need to do is contact us by clicking on Order Your Cartoon. Just fill in the information fields, tell us something about the subject of the photos, and we can get started generating some ideas.

Once we have some ideas based on what you’ve told us, and on the photos you’ve sent, we’ll let you know what we have in mind. Caricatures from photos can be based both on what the person looks like as well as their personalities, hobbies, interests, etc.

After you have approved our ideas, we’ll get started on your drawing. It can take anywhere from three days (in an emergency) to three weeks to complete your drawing, depending on how busy we are. But we’re sure you’ll love the finished result.

Why not browse our portfolio of finished caricatures to get some ideas for your graduation gift?

May 21, 2011

Order custom caricatures with ease

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Most of us will have seen caricatures on the walls of a friend’s house or in their office and the chances are you may have wondered where you could get custom caricatures from. There was a time not so long ago when the only places you could find artists who specialise in caricatures was in holiday resorts or on the streets of major cities.

These days it is so much easier to get hold of custom caricatures thanks to the internet, and one of the most popular artists online can be found at Charlies Cartoons. If you are thinking of ordering caricatures from photos of your friends or family, you need to have a look at Charlies site and see the samples of his work on display.

Whatever the occasion, you can order a caricature to help celebrate the day, whether it is a birthday, stag or hen party, a wedding or if you just want to let a friend know you are thinking of them, custom caricatures are perfect, and are sure to be treasured by the person you give it to.

Once you have seen the examples of the caricatures from photos on the website, ordering your own is a simple process. All you have to do is supply two or three photographs of the person you want depicted – and if possible, some amusing anecdotes about the person, or what their interests are – and leave the rest to Charlie and his expert eye.

March 15, 2011

Getting the best results from custom caricatures

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The great strength of caricature portraits as an art form (aside from the fun and good humour they embody) is the way they can show so much of an individual’s personality in a single frame. A photograph can illustrate and record a single aspect of a person, a single activity, a single situation. A caricature can go so much further.

We can include information about a hobbies and interests in custom caricatures. We can capture someone’s favourite outfit or a facial expression that is unique theirs. We can show their role in the workplace or the home and celebrate it. Personalised caricatures are always the best and they can go far beyond what the subject looks like.

Two people have input to custom caricatures. There’s the artist, who draws the cartoon, but there is also the one who supplies the photos and the information that goes into the artwork. In order to create the funniest, warmest, and most accurate caricature portraits we need to get to know the subject and for that we need your help.

That doesn’t mean meeting them. We’re more than happy to create a caricature from a photo. Do choose the photo wisely though. It should show the person as you want them drawn. Look through your picture collection and find a handful, preferably taken from different angles. Pick those that best sum up what you love about the caricature subject.

It’s also helpful if you can tell us something about them. Let us know what they like doing with their spare time and what makes them laugh. If they have a habit of raising a sceptical eyebrow or covering their mouth when they giggle, do tell us so we can integrate all that information into one great caricature.

February 9, 2011

Charlies Cartoons personalised caricatures

Personalised caricatures have been around in one form or another for centuries – you could even argue that the ancient Egyptians were a dab hand at this kind of pictorial art. Charlie’s Cartoons haven’t been around for quite that long, of course, but we’ve already found out that cartoon caricatures are an immensely popular gift. It’s not surprising, when you think about it – they say that with gifts it’s the thought that counts, and caricature gifts are so personal they show a lot of care and consideration.

That’s not to say they take forever to produce. Charlie can produce a caricature from photos provided by yourself in a timeframe ranging from three days (in emergencies!) to three weeks, so your caricature gifts can be with you in plenty of time for your big occasion.

You can provide a story along with your caricature pictures if you wish, which gives Charlie a little extra material to work with – perhaps the person you are buying a gift for is a keen golfer, or once met somebody famous….Charlie can even take a number of separate photos and compile family caricatures or group caricatures so you can all be in on the gift together.

Once you’ve sent your pictures, Charlie contacts you in 24 hours with an idea for the caricature, which you can edit or change. From there, the artistry begins, resulting in a finished cartoon, mounted and framed to your specific requirements. It’s a thoughtful gift that will continue to delight the recipient for years.

January 30, 2011

Perfect personalised caricatures

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Perfect personalised caricatures are a passion for Charlie. His caricature portraits and caricature gifts are highly sought after and coveted by those with discerning tastes and humorous sensibilities. Charlie loves his work because it affords him the unique opportunity of working with some of the most amazing and inspirational people on the planet – his subjects. From film stars to fighter pilots, nurses to neurosurgeons, golfers to gardeners, each subject has a story which is life-affirming and motivational.

Charlie can take a few basic photographs of the subject and combine them with the anecdotes of friends and family, in order to create caricature from photos which amuse recipients to no end. They are often amazed that Charlie has managed to capture all the important elements of their personality and life story so quickly and effectively. He genuinely seems to know them, although they have never met. Moreover, subject recipients are often moved and touched that their friends and families have noticed so many positive aspects of their personalities, which they may have thought went unnoticed or perhaps even unappreciated.

These caricature gifts are a positive affirmation of love, affection and admiration. This type of gift feels as wonderful to give as to receive. Charlie uses his artistic skills to bring life, vitality and dynamism into all of his creations and his passion for art ensures that each portrait is completed to the highest standards. has some great gallery examples of the type of caricatures which Charlie has created for a plethora of diverse and disparate clients.

October 20, 2010

Special Occasion Caricatures

There are many ideas about what gifts are necessary for special occasions. From family reunions to weddings and anniversaries, there are a whole range of gift ideas and traditions. But so many of these ideas are outdated or unoriginal that it can be difficult to show you have put in thought and care in selecting a gift. If you’re in this situation and you want to get something to commemorate the special day that is wildly creative and unlike anything anyone else will get, then consider a caricature portrait as the solution.

Personalised caricatures are becoming more popular, but are still not the first idea considered for special occasions. Even if the goal is to provide portraits of the happy couple, special boy or girl, or family group, most people go to the more traditional forms of portraiture, which can be costly and time consuming. Cartoon caricatures on the other hand, are a fun and creative alternative to this and offer something that will be treasured along with the best of the best in traditional gifts, but with more a more personal touch.

Wedding caricatures are an especially useful idea no matter what role you play in the special day. A bride or groom can provide each other with special caricatures to keep in their wedding scrapbook next to formal photos. Brides’ maids can provide a caricature portrait of a photo from the hen party to the bride as a special gift. Family caricatures are also a creative option to a family photo, and one that everyone will want as a keepsake.

September 13, 2010

Any Occasion, Any Character

Charlie’s Cartoons are an excellent gift for any occasion and for any individual. Caricature cartoons are the only art forms which are guaranteed to make everyone who sees them smile because they appreciate the gentle humour used in personalised caricatures in order to reflect the unique personality of the individual subject or the special energy of the occasion. Charlie is flexible and versatile when it comes to compositions: he can easily produce outstanding family caricatures, wedding caricatures, graduation portraits, reunion group pieces or indeed any other type of caricature gifts.

A quick perusal of the portfolio gallery at reveals the versatility and diversity of caricatures which are offered. Charlie’s custom caricatures have been used to represent beloved fathers, newly graduated girlfriends, boisterous boyfriends, scintillating stag do’s and superb surgeons.

From webmaster to theatre directors, entrepreneurs to war veterans, flatmates to motivated young mothers, Charlie’s Cartoons can condense lifetimes, personalities, special moments and energies into unique caricature cartoons for any subject and any individual. Furthermore, if you work for a media organisation or political party and require a humorous caricature of rival politicians, sportsmen, or any public figure, Charlie can produce excellent caricature portraits of famous figures very rapidly.

What sets Charlie’s cartoons apart from those of his rivals is the level of detail and artistic expertise: in every picture, a close examination reveals that every space has been used to reflect aspects of the personal life journey, personal taste and identity. Yet, the caricature portraits are perfectly balanced and composed and never appear cluttered. This is the hallmark of a great caricature artist, and Charlie has earned a reputation as perhaps the best in the business.

August 14, 2010

Personalised Caricatures Make the Perfect Present

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Choosing a gift for a friend or relation can be tough at times. This is especially the case if they are an old friend and you have given them many presents over the years and you are running out of ideas. You don’t want to give them a gift which you know will end up in the back of a cupboard, which is why you are wracking your brains trying to come up with an original idea. There comes a point when their birthday or other special occasion is approaching when you find yourself wandering around the shops, desperately searching for a present you know they will treasure, but you still can’t find the right thing.

If this sounds familiar, then have you ever considered looking into caricature cartoons which you can give to your friend or relative? It’s so easy to do this, particularly if you use a reputable company such as Charlies Cartoons. All you have to do is send them a photo of the person you want to give the personalised caricutures to, and Charlies Cartoons wil take care of the rest.

Caricature gifts are not just restricted to birthdays. For example, if a colleague is leaving work and you want to give them a leaving present, cartoon caricatures are the perfect way to mark the occasion.

Have a look at the website and see for yourself the quality of the artwork, and then all you have to do is send in a photograph of your friend and leave the rest to Charlies. Custom caricatures make the perfect gift for any occasion, and you can be sure that the recipient will treasure it forever.

July 25, 2010

Why Family Caricatures Make Great Gifts

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If you have a family occasion coming up, from a special wedding anniversary or birthday to a reunion or a wedding or christening, it’s nice to think of doing something to mark the event and remember it for years to come.

Family caricatures can portray family members with affection and humour, either as group caricatures or as depictions of a couple. Unique and highly personalised, caricature cartoons really do make excellent gifts that are likely to be a talking point of any family occasion, and a wonderful reminder of all the memories you have in common.

You may also be pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it can be to organise custom caricatures – and how affordable. Because custom caricatures can be organised entirely online, at a time and place which suits you – crucial if you’re involved in organising a family get-together and time is tight.

At Charlie’s Cartoons, we can do single, couple or group caricatures to an extremely high standard, with just the right level of humour.

Just send us a photo or two of the family member you want to be portrayed, along with a few extra details or anecdotes, and we’ll do the rest. Although we like to have as much time as possible, if time is tight, we can turn around custom caricatures in three days.

Price depends on what you need – ask about our free no-obligation quote service. Visit our website now.

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