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June 22, 2011

Caricatures Can Make the Day

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Whatever type of caricatures you are looking for, you are in the right place to order them from an artist with an established reputation for providing top quality group caricatures and individual personalised caricatures. Charlies Cartoons are drawn to your specifications, and ordering them is so easy.

All you have to do is supply two or three photographs of the person you want to be featured in the caricature as well as some information about them. This can be either an amusing story about them, or a couple of paragraphs which will let Charlie know something about their interests and personality, and he will incorporate this into the finished caricature.

Once you have placed your order, you will be able to see it before it is dispatched to you, and if you would like any adjustments made, just let Charlie know and he will make the alterations before it is finally sent to you. If you are thinking of having family caricatures drawn, or group caricatures featuring friends from your sports club – or perhaps just your drinking partners! – the same applies. Just send some photographs and a little information and leave the rest to Charlie, who will create great caricatures from photos.

Caricatures are ideal for birthday presents, and if you need one in a hurry because you have forgotten somebody’s big day, it’s possible to have a quick turnaround with your caricature. Have a look at some of the examples of Charlies work and you will see why he is recognised as one of the most talented caricature artists around.

January 22, 2011

Professional caricatures

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Charlie’s caricature cartoons and personalised caricatures are perfect gifts for professional colleagues who may be celebrating a milestone of service to the company, retiring or even moving to pastures new. Charlie has a wealth of experience in creating clever and humorous caricature gifts for members of all types of trades, professions and occupations. His cartoons and caricatures have depicted authors, bartenders, cashiers, diplomats, events organisers, farmers, greengrocers, HGV drivers, immunologists and joiners in spectacular and social fashion for many years.

Charlie has also produced cartoons for national newspapers and many celebrity clients who have been impressed by his professionalism and artistic flair. When colleagues work closely together, it is common for close friendships to develop and it can be an emotional occasion when a popular workmate retires or leaves the company. It can almost feel like a family unit is being irreversibly changed forever.  Caricature gifts which either represent a portrait of the team member or colleague who is leaving, or the entire group or team together, can make for treasured possessions which will adorn the walls of recipients for many years to come.

Alternatively, colleagues are sometimes brought together as a cross-departmental team on a short term basis to work on a particular project, and bond particularly well. In cases like these, before each member returns to their particular department, a group caricature is an ideal parting present and permanent record of the group’s achievements. is most definitely the perfect place for premium professional caricature gifts, such as caricatures from photos.

January 10, 2011

Caricature themes

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Caricatures are perfect for all manner of occasions and celebrations. For example, wedding caricatures can capture the happy couple on that special day in an unusual and memorable manner and could even include the bridal party and all of the important guests. Wedding caricatures capture the personalities of guests, ambience of the venue and sense of occasion in a special way which is impossible to achieve, even by modern photography.Charlie can also draw caricature from photos.

A caricature can also be a great wedding or engagement gift for the happy couple, and can even represent them in their daily dress, reflecting their occupations or perhaps their sporting passions.  Group caricatures can prove to be excellent end of season gifts for sports teams, or even as celebrations of a group of colleagues who have worked closely on a long-term project. In these situations, team members may not have even known each other  socially beforehand. Yet, through the trials, tribulations and triumphs of teamwork, various personality traits, quirks, special talents and amusing anecdotes have come to reflect not only the stories of individual team members, but also its collective strength.

Group caricatures are also ideal for class or workplace reunions or anniversary celebrations of great sporting or professional achievements, and could even be updated on each occasion to reflect the fact that the group is maturing perfectly like a fine wine. Charlie always finds a way to capture that special group dynamic in his custom caricatures, and the results are invariably innovative and inspirational. For a quote, portfolio examples and customer testimonials, please see today.

December 24, 2010

Caricatures For Any Profession

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Charlie has produced amazing caricatures for members of every profession and those who occupy a plethora of employment positions. Personalised caricatures of doctors complete with stethoscopes, surgeons with flashing scalpels, footballers celebrating goals, and lawyers holding the court under their spell are all given a special twist by this virtuoso of caricature pictures. Charlie can create group caricatures for firemen, policemen, soldiers, sailors and pilots. Furthermore, he enjoys recreating famous events in the personal histories of horticulturalists, the lives of leisure attendants and the romances of racing drivers.

Charlie’s group caricatures are always that little bit special and can be the ideal way of honouring the collective achievements of a group of glaziers, a collection of choristers, a team of tree surgeons or even a posse of palaeontologists.  Caricature gifts can be treasured for generations and are a lasting testament to the personalities, lives, lives and achievements of their subjects. Whether they hang on the walls of surgeries, barracks, judges chambers, trophy rooms or common rooms, they will become a talking piece for all who survey them.

Charlie can produce cartoons for graduations, anniversaries, retirements and reunions- he is the professional’s professional and guarantees that you will be delighted with any custom caricatures which you commission him to complete. Therefore, if you have a colleague who is due to leave for another department, or has reached the point of retiring and you are considering purchasing a carriage clock, watch or trophy to end them on their way with all of you love and best wishes, think again! Your wisest option is undoubtedly to order a classy customer caricature from Charlie!

December 10, 2010

Why Choose Group Caricatures?

Personalised caricatures can be ideal gifts for groups as well as individual subjects. Therefore, if you are a member of a sports team, school class, workplace team or armed services regiment, Charlie can easily produce group caricatures which exceed your requirements. The beauty of group caricatures lies in the fact that Charlie can depict group relationships and dynamics as well as individual characteristics.

Even group caricatures which involve small numbers, this dynamism can lead to exciting and vibrant results which will tickle the funny bones of each member and only strengthen bonds of camaraderie. Custom caricatures for groups are also ideal for reunions of school friends, sports clubs or workplaces. If you are organising an event like this, group custom caricatures can be exciting surprise centrepieces which really get the party as old friends and workmates reminisce about days gone by and discuss  what they have been up to in the intervening years.

Furthermore, if a sports team is faced to split up by circumstances,  gorgeous group caricatures can be excellent parting gifts at the end of a successful season. Whether you are a member of an abseiling club, gymnastic club, origami association, karate club, real ale fan club, motorcycle club,  political organisation or social club, group caricatures are sure to be right up your street. Anecdotes, recollections, photographs and team histories can be effortlessly blended into fantastic artistic compositions by Charlie at any time.  For examples of past group caricatures and to contact Charlie about your requirements, contact us today.

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