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September 24, 2011

A Leaving Gift For A Well Loved Boss

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Do you have a boss who is retiring or moving on to something else? If you have a well loved boss, why not give him or her something special for a leaving present? Cartoon caricatures make fun and memorable leaving gifts for a well loved boss.

Most people have some amusing or crazy stories about their bosses that could be incorporated into a caricature from photos. Why not ask around the office (or wherever it is that you work) to get some stories and ideas from your co-workers.

Others might also be able to supply photos, so don’t hesitate to get others involved in the project. Chances are, if it’s a gift from everyone, they will all be chipping in to pay for it anyway.

You may also want to ask your boss’s family for some ideas. They might be able to supply information that will make the gift more personal, as well as assist you  in avoiding any stories or incidents that might embarrass them too much to include.

After you have gathered some stories and photos, send us the information via the contact form. Just click on the Order Your Cartoon tab to get started.

When we get the information from you we will immediately start thinking about how the caricature from photos should look.

We have done caricatures from a photo before as leaving gifts, such as the one we did for Francis Baron, former CEO of the Rugby Football Union, which you can view in our portfolio.

August 5, 2011

Choosing Leaving gifts

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When I last surveyed my customers to find out how much they’d be happy to spend on leaving gifts for colleagues – provided those colleagues were very, very important and appreciated and liked, mind – the answer came in at around £5 to £10 per person. Oops, I thought. I’ve set out to create leaving gifts with an average retail price of around £120, and aimed them squarely at the corporate market I’m now surveying, and turns out I’m ten times too expensive. Time to close up shop.

Thankfully, another logic prevailed: Team logic. We’ve worked as a team, so we’ll buy as a team. Indeed, in most companies, leaving gifts are bought together, by a group for an individual. So people chip in. £5 or £10 usually. Make that twelve people, and you’ve got yourself a Charlie’s Cartoon!

After being reassured by this, another point came to light which actually appeared to be to my advantage. For £5 or £10 a head, our customers are getting a pretty big bang for their buck. Along with their fiver, everyone in the office can chip in an opinion or an anecdote which makes the leaving gifts that much more personalised, and then see the fruit of their contribution later on when they see the finished caricature cartoons.

Plus everyone can have a copy of these leaving gifts. If you’re not the person the cartoon was made for you’re not likely to put a copy of it up on your wall, but it’ll usually find its way to the bottom of a drawer or folder to be found years later. And when you do find these leaving gifts again, they bring back even more memories than a photo. Remember when so and so did this, then that happened? It’s all in these leaving gifts. Charlie’s Cartoons sum those years right up.

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