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October 5, 2011

Cartoon Caricatures for Weddings

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I got two orders today for cartoon caricatures for weddings. The funny thing is customers rarely know exactly what they want for this kind of caricature. They have the general feel that they’d like something sweet and pretty to commemorate their big day. But then the day can’t be all pretty and perfect – it shouldn’t be too serious. That’s where cartoon caricatures come in: to poke just enough fun at the characters, at the event, and to undermine any seriousness in an upbeat way. Cartoon caricatures say: “Hey, we might be dressing up, looking fancy and living a fairy tale for a day, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Taking one of the most important steps of a lifetime doesn’t have to be done without the kind of sense of humour that a caricature can convey.”

But beyond knowing that they want to bring that feel to the event that cartoon caricatures bring, customers often don’t really know where to start. They’re often overjoyed when I explain that cartoon caricatures can kill a multitude of birds with one stone: they can be scanned and used on invites, they can be mounted and left by the marquis to sign on the day, and they can be kept forever after.  With all these uses at hand, our cartoon caricatures often turn out to be pretty good sentimental and practical value for money!

On the other hand, wedding caricatures are the type of cartoon caricature for which people are, understandably, the most particular about what they want. And you can understand why: this isn’t just some funny off-the-cuff caricature gift to hand to granddad on father’s day – this is how people want to be portrayed at their prime. Cartoon caricatures, sure. Humour, absolutely. But everything in exactly the right dose, please! Wedding cartoon caricatures are drafted and re-drafted to get the balance of humour and personal charm absolutely right.

August 23, 2011

Choosing Wedding anniversary gifts

What objects make good wedding anniversary gifts? Sort of depends whether it’s a big one or a small one … but then, is there such a  thing as a small anniversary nowadays? Time was when a couple would get married in their early twenties and then would wait a good fifty years or so for their “golden wedding” – depending on whether or not they both lived that long.

Today, there seems to be a material for every anniversary on the life-long calendar: silver wedding anniversary gifts, pearl wedding anniversary gifts, wood wedding, paper wedding, bacon wedding – hang on, I may be making them up now. But my point stands: people are celebrating anniversaries more often. Probably because relationships are lasting less long.

Though this seems blindingly obvious, it’s impossible not to notice the underlying cynicism of such a proposition: it’s as though we now go into relationships thinking: Hey, this probably isn’t going to last that long – better squeeze in as many anniversaries as we can!

Still, this is NOT the line with which we approach most of our customers at Charlie’s Cartoons… If I was to point out my ideological and practical doubts about the institution of marriage to every customer who breezed my way I probably wouldn’t be selling that many wedding anniversary gifts now would I!

The fact is, wedding anniversary gifts do bring pleasure. Just as the event itself does – whether there was a gift or not. These are opportunities to stop and look back. Stop looking at now, and at the immediate future, and turn briefly to the past to weigh up the richness of experiences accumulated together.

August 16, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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The funny thing about wedding anniversary gifts is the different shapes and sizes the various candidates come in. Well – not literally – I wouldn’t want to take the mickey out of my customers for their various shapes and sizes… Rather, by this I mean the size of the occasion, the length of the marriage, the intention behind the wedding anniversary gifts themselves.

Sometimes you get the “green” ones – young wives wanting to give their husband of one year their “paper” wedding gifts, now that the storm of the first year of house building and baby making has been weathered with success! Usually, the highlight to reflect back on at that stage is the wedding itself, so we frequently get the wedding photos for this type of wedding anniversary gifts, and are asked to recreate the big day in “cartoon” style.

Then you get the ten-year-anniversary (whatever that one’s called – is it bronze already?), usually depicted as idyllic family scenes, eight to six year olds running around, climbing over the parents now fully integrated into the routine and habits of family life. These wedding anniversary gifts depict the in-jokes and rituals built around life with a new brood: favourite garden hobbies, cartoon characters, the garden trampoline – all of these feature in a rush of colourful chaos.

Then you get the oldies – sorry to put it bluntly my grey haired friends, but that’s you label. Thirty year, fourty, even fifty year wedding anniversary gifts are commissioned from us which show the two partners settled and satisfied, the kids having flown the nest and taken on lives of their own. Activities here are usually of the cooking and gardening variety, with the young upwardly mobile professional kids lending the wedding anniversary gifts their more dynamic side.

July 19, 2011

Wedding caricatures go down a treat

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Weddings are among the most important occasions in people’s lives. Tying the knot is an act of love and devotion and it marks the start of a new phase of couples’ relationships. So, as well as all the fun and celebration, these events have a serious and deeply intimate side.

Therefore, when you are looking for presents to buy the bride and groom, you might find you are stuck for inspiration. It can be hard to find romantic gifts that are not clichéd. Sometimes the happy couple provide a list for you to choose from, but this is becoming less popular.

One great option you might not have considered is caricature cartoons. After all, this is not necessarily the most obvious thought when you are conjuring up ideas for offerings. Instead, your mind may initially be steered towards toasters, wine glasses and so on.

However, custom caricatures can last for much longer than household appliances and glassware. Such items often take pride of place in living rooms and other such spaces and are admired by all who see them.

The best thing about personalised caricatures is their ability to capture the personalities of the bride and groom and to draw attention to the events that led to their marriage. As well as being great pictures, they also tell many stories simultaneously.

And, unlike gifts that lack originality, these offerings are sure to be unique.

So, if you want to make an impression with your present, why not take a look around our website and see if we could provide you with the perfect wedding caricatures.

July 4, 2011

Better than a Wedding Photo

Yesterday a friend asked me: Is it possible to create a caricature from photo images, collected from a variety of different people, taken with a variety of different cameras, but all of which pertain to one specific situation? I said, could you possibly clarify as I don’t really understand what you’re getting at. She said, well, I’d really like a caricature from photo snapshots of my wedding, but I don’t know where to start! There were these little disposable camera thingies on all the tables you see – people could pick them up and take a snap… Then at the end of the evening, they were all thrown into one big bin bag and taken off to be developed. Great idea no? Well, the result is I have a pile of photos, some of which are great – and I’d love to somehow turn the whole experience into a caricature, using the photos.

Hmm, I thought. A tough one. But do-able!

We put our head together over coffee this morning and tried to see which of the “best images” would together represent the wedding in a caricature from photo testimonials of the great load of boozy fun that had been had on that famous evening. I had been there myself, but couldn’t remember much – a couple too many Jaeger Bombs perhaps, all precipitated by a far too early start on the whole champagne guzzling thing at the start of the reception. Anyway, we narrowed it down to 5 photos: one of the groom dancing in what looked like the remains of the cake, swinging his coat tails like they were some sort of imaginary samurai sword. Another one of the bride delicately putting her hand against her mouth and shutting her eyes, which could either mean “shh” or “I’m about to be sick”, plus three others of general tomfoolery.

The challenge was to include all of these finest details – which really epitomised the evening – into one picture. And that, no one photo could do. Only a caricature from photo collections covering such events can really bring it all together.

May 30, 2011

Wedding caricatures capture the big day

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If you have just been married, or you have been to a friend’s wedding, there is a great way to remember the occasion, and this is with a caricature. All you have to do is send a photo of yourself and your new spouse – or the couple whose wedding you have been to – to Charlies Cartoons and he will create a fantastic caricature which captures the happy couple in an amusing way.

Wedding caricatures are a fun way to mark the biggest day of your life and when it comes to having your own caricatures, they are one of the most popular cartoon caricatures around, so why not have a look at some of the examples of Charlies work on the website.

While you’re there, take a moment to read some of the testimonials from the many satisfied customers and you will see why Charlie’s Cartoons is one of the most popular websites when it comes to wedding caricatures and all forms of cartoon caricatures.

When you send the photographs – two or three is the best way to let Charlie capture the essence of the person who will be portrayed – attach some information about them, for example, their favourite sport or other interests and any amusing stories if possible. You can receive the caricature from photos within 48 hours if necessary, so all you have to do now is decide what you want the cartoon to say about the person you will present it to.

April 9, 2011

A wedding offering with a twist

Attending the wedding of friends or family members can be a fantastic experience. These romantic occasions often have a magical feel about them and you get to share in one of the happy couple’s most memorable days.

However, you might sometimes find yourself in a panic ahead of such events because you are unsure what to get as a gift for the pair. This can be particularly tricky if there is no list for you to choose from. In such circumstances, you might benefit from considering personalised caricatures.

These are truly original and thoughtful offerings that will almost certainly be unlike anything else the newlyweds receive. The great thing about these wedding caricatures is that unlike the official photo album that will just focus on the big day itself, such custom caricatures can incorporate details from events stretching back in time.

You might choose to include references to how and where the pair first met and certain important parts of their journey from this point to their decision to get hitched.

All you need to do is supply a couple of photos and the information you want us to focus on – then simply let our imaginations get to work creating your caricature from photos.

You might well find that the present you give to the bride and groom ends up taking pride of place in their home. Surely that’s better than handing them a toaster! To find out more about our caricature cartoons simply browse our website or get in touch. You might be surprised by how straightforward the process is.

February 27, 2011

Charlies Cartoons wedding caricatures

What do you buy the couple who have everything? When it comes to getting the perfect wedding gift, it can be tricky to come up with something that is at the same time original, on budget and will be something the happy couple will treasure.

It’s the same when someone is retiring, or leaving your workplace – you want a gift you know is personal and memorable. Charlie’s Cartoons can provide the perfect solution in the form of wedding caricatures, group caricatures and family caricatures. Working from caricature photos that you provide – usually two or three is sufficient – Charlie comes up with an idea for caricature portraits of your friends, families and loved ones that will amuse and delight them.

Everyone would love to have their own caricatures, because they can hang on the wall for years as enjoyable memories. Caricature portraits are the most personal gift you can buy – if you think the person you are buying a gift for would not like caricature pictures of themselves, get the whole family portrayed. We can also provide caricatures from photos.

It takes just a couple of weeks, often less, to get custom caricatures created by Charlie, who will then provide them finished in inks and water colours for full effect. Charlie’s Cartoons also send the finished items to you mounted and framed as you wish – and you may be surprised at the low cost of all this skill and expertise.

Give truly personal gifts – get them personalised caricatures!

December 31, 2010

Wonderful Wedding Caricatures

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Personalised caricatures are ideal or any occasion but are particularly suitable for wedding celebrations. Wedding caricatures are extremely special gifts for any couple as they are lasting unique reminders of the most special day of their lives which can last for many years to come. Caricature gifts can be used to depict wedding groups, stag parties, hen parties, or special loving representations of the lucky couple. Alternatively, wedding caricatures can provide powerful props for any best man as he wishes his comrade the best on his imminent journey to matrimony and responsibility.

Caricature gifts can also be used by the bridal party, matron of honour, bridesmaids and mother of the bride as a lasting gift for the bride as she embarks on her marriage and remembers all of the love and support of her friends and family over the years. Charlie can also produced caricature from photos, so if you have particular wedding photographs which you would like to be carefully converted to caricature form, please do not hesitate to contact him. These gifts amaze, amuse and delight all who receive them.

Wedding caricatures provide a long lasting reminder to couples and families of these special happy occasions which unite families as well as lovers embarking on blessed journeys into matrimony. For examples of Charlie’s wedding caricatures, please take a look at today and seek advice on one of the best purchases of your life! Charlie is awaiting your orders as we speak; paper in hand and paintbrush poised; the rest is entirely up to you!

July 12, 2010

Caricature Portraits: Perfect for Weddings

Finding a wedding gift which stands out from the crowd can be hard, even if the couple has a list. It’s important to find something with a meaning unique to them, a present which no other guest has bought, and one which will be cherished permanently.

One gift idea you may not have thought about is wedding caricatures. These affectionate depictions of the happy pair highlight and exaggerate certain physical characteristics to great comic effect, while leaving others out. Custom caricatures will be a great talking point amongst family and friends in the year ahead.

At the same time, original wedding caricatures may be far cheaper than you may have thought. And, as the whole thing can be done online, quickly and easily, you won’t face endless traipsing round the shops.

Custom Caricatures from Charlie’s Cartoons

At Charlie’s Caricatures, we can help whether you want wedding caricatures or custom caricatures for any other special occasion.

We can sort out your cartoons and caricatures promptly and with no fuss. Just send us a couple of photos and a few funny details or a story about your ‘victims’. If we need any more specific information, we’ll ask for it.

You get to hear about Charlie’s idea, then you’ll see a pencil draft and a scanned copy before we supply our custom caricatures, coloured, shaded, mounted and framed exactly as you have asked for it.

See our website and read some testimonials from our delighted customers today.

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