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September 13, 2010

Any Occasion, Any Character

Charlie’s Cartoons are an excellent gift for any occasion and for any individual. Caricature cartoons are the only art forms which are guaranteed to make everyone who sees them smile because they appreciate the gentle humour used in personalised caricatures in order to reflect the unique personality of the individual subject or the special energy of the occasion. Charlie is flexible and versatile when it comes to compositions: he can easily produce outstanding family caricatures, wedding caricatures, graduation portraits, reunion group pieces or indeed any other type of caricature gifts.

A quick perusal of the portfolio gallery at reveals the versatility and diversity of caricatures which are offered. Charlie’s custom caricatures have been used to represent beloved fathers, newly graduated girlfriends, boisterous boyfriends, scintillating stag do’s and superb surgeons.

From webmaster to theatre directors, entrepreneurs to war veterans, flatmates to motivated young mothers, Charlie’s Cartoons can condense lifetimes, personalities, special moments and energies into unique caricature cartoons for any subject and any individual. Furthermore, if you work for a media organisation or political party and require a humorous caricature of rival politicians, sportsmen, or any public figure, Charlie can produce excellent caricature portraits of famous figures very rapidly.

What sets Charlie’s cartoons apart from those of his rivals is the level of detail and artistic expertise: in every picture, a close examination reveals that every space has been used to reflect aspects of the personal life journey, personal taste and identity. Yet, the caricature portraits are perfectly balanced and composed and never appear cluttered. This is the hallmark of a great caricature artist, and Charlie has earned a reputation as perhaps the best in the business.

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