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March 15, 2011

Getting the best results from custom caricatures

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The great strength of caricature portraits as an art form (aside from the fun and good humour they embody) is the way they can show so much of an individual’s personality in a single frame. A photograph can illustrate and record a single aspect of a person, a single activity, a single situation. A caricature can go so much further.

We can include information about a hobbies and interests in custom caricatures. We can capture someone’s favourite outfit or a facial expression that is unique theirs. We can show their role in the workplace or the home and celebrate it. Personalised caricatures are always the best and they can go far beyond what the subject looks like.

Two people have input to custom caricatures. There’s the artist, who draws the cartoon, but there is also the one who supplies the photos and the information that goes into the artwork. In order to create the funniest, warmest, and most accurate caricature portraits we need to get to know the subject and for that we need your help.

That doesn’t mean meeting them. We’re more than happy to create a caricature from a photo. Do choose the photo wisely though. It should show the person as you want them drawn. Look through your picture collection and find a handful, preferably taken from different angles. Pick those that best sum up what you love about the caricature subject.

It’s also helpful if you can tell us something about them. Let us know what they like doing with their spare time and what makes them laugh. If they have a habit of raising a sceptical eyebrow or covering their mouth when they giggle, do tell us so we can integrate all that information into one great caricature.

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