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October 20, 2010

Special Occasion Caricatures

There are many ideas about what gifts are necessary for special occasions. From family reunions to weddings and anniversaries, there are a whole range of gift ideas and traditions. But so many of these ideas are outdated or unoriginal that it can be difficult to show you have put in thought and care in selecting a gift. If you’re in this situation and you want to get something to commemorate the special day that is wildly creative and unlike anything anyone else will get, then consider a caricature portrait as the solution.

Personalised caricatures are becoming more popular, but are still not the first idea considered for special occasions. Even if the goal is to provide portraits of the happy couple, special boy or girl, or family group, most people go to the more traditional forms of portraiture, which can be costly and time consuming. Cartoon caricatures on the other hand, are a fun and creative alternative to this and offer something that will be treasured along with the best of the best in traditional gifts, but with more a more personal touch.

Wedding caricatures are an especially useful idea no matter what role you play in the special day. A bride or groom can provide each other with special caricatures to keep in their wedding scrapbook next to formal photos. Brides’ maids can provide a caricature portrait of a photo from the hen party to the bride as a special gift. Family caricatures are also a creative option to a family photo, and one that everyone will want as a keepsake.

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