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March 15, 2011

Getting the best results from custom caricatures

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The great strength of caricature portraits as an art form (aside from the fun and good humour they embody) is the way they can show so much of an individual’s personality in a single frame. A photograph can illustrate and record a single aspect of a person, a single activity, a single situation. A caricature can go so much further.

We can include information about a hobbies and interests in custom caricatures. We can capture someone’s favourite outfit or a facial expression that is unique theirs. We can show their role in the workplace or the home and celebrate it. Personalised caricatures are always the best and they can go far beyond what the subject looks like.

Two people have input to custom caricatures. There’s the artist, who draws the cartoon, but there is also the one who supplies the photos and the information that goes into the artwork. In order to create the funniest, warmest, and most accurate caricature portraits we need to get to know the subject and for that we need your help.

That doesn’t mean meeting them. We’re more than happy to create a caricature from a photo. Do choose the photo wisely though. It should show the person as you want them drawn. Look through your picture collection and find a handful, preferably taken from different angles. Pick those that best sum up what you love about the caricature subject.

It’s also helpful if you can tell us something about them. Let us know what they like doing with their spare time and what makes them laugh. If they have a habit of raising a sceptical eyebrow or covering their mouth when they giggle, do tell us so we can integrate all that information into one great caricature.

March 9, 2011

Celebrate your holidays with personalised caricatures

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Family holidays should be celebrated. It’s often those memories that are the most precious. On holiday the whole family is together, enjoying themselves and getting along, seeing new sights and taking part in new and exciting activities. They are the times we look forward to more than any other and the times we remember most fondly when they’ve passed.

Personalised caricatures are a great way of recording a holiday. A photo will only show one moment (and one person will almost always be behind the camera, not taking part in the fun) but cartoons and caricatures can capture all the best bits of the whole holiday and combine them into one picture.

Perhaps the youngest son found a crab in a rockpool while the eldest took a windsurfing lesson. If you ask mum, the highlight of the holiday might have been the fancy restaurant dinner on the last night, while dad could have preferred reading the paper in his deck chair and having a relaxed snooze in the sun. All those elements and many more can be combined into a single picture through the magic of personalised caricatures.

We love creating family caricatures from holiday pictures and the stories that go along with them. The process is a lot of fun for us and at the end, you’ll get the perfect record of all your favourite holiday moments. Being able to put that special cartoon on the wall will make sure nobody in the family can forget what a great time they had together.

March 2, 2011

Getting caricatures done together

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Caricature pictures make wonderful surprise gifts but there is also some value in deciding to get one made as a couple. Sure, you miss out on the element of surprise (unlike a photographic studio portrait, it’s possible to create a caricature from photos you already have in your album – make copies and nobody need know that a personal caricature is on the way), but there is a positive side.

In order to help us draw the finest caricatures possible, you have to decide what elements you’d like in the picture. If you were ordering a cartoon portrait of a loved one you might ask for something specific to be included. We can use a favourite set of golf clubs, an aquarium of tropical fish, a best dress, or a beloved pet as an element in the picture. That goes for single portraits and couples. Getting caricature pictures made as a couple gives you an excuse to sit down and work out what the most important things in the relationship are. What is it you love about one another? What do you enjoy doing together?

Special memories can also be included in caricatures. We can include a detail from the place you met or the restaurant where he proposed. You can be drawn in a tropical jungle or in front of a New York cityscape as a reminder of a wonderful holiday you took together. Commissioning a caricature from photos is also the perfect excuse to sit down together and look through your collection of pictures.

A caricature of the two of you together is a celebration of your relationship, but simply getting one done together will bring you closer and remind you of all the good times you’ve had as a couple.  So go on, try caricature gifts for your next special occasion.

February 27, 2011

Charlies Cartoons wedding caricatures

What do you buy the couple who have everything? When it comes to getting the perfect wedding gift, it can be tricky to come up with something that is at the same time original, on budget and will be something the happy couple will treasure.

It’s the same when someone is retiring, or leaving your workplace – you want a gift you know is personal and memorable. Charlie’s Cartoons can provide the perfect solution in the form of wedding caricatures, group caricatures and family caricatures. Working from caricature photos that you provide – usually two or three is sufficient – Charlie comes up with an idea for caricature portraits of your friends, families and loved ones that will amuse and delight them.

Everyone would love to have their own caricatures, because they can hang on the wall for years as enjoyable memories. Caricature portraits are the most personal gift you can buy – if you think the person you are buying a gift for would not like caricature pictures of themselves, get the whole family portrayed. We can also provide caricatures from photos.

It takes just a couple of weeks, often less, to get custom caricatures created by Charlie, who will then provide them finished in inks and water colours for full effect. Charlie’s Cartoons also send the finished items to you mounted and framed as you wish – and you may be surprised at the low cost of all this skill and expertise.

Give truly personal gifts – get them personalised caricatures!

February 21, 2011

Charlies Cartoons cartoon caricatures

People love cartoons – and seeing themselves as cartoon caricatures is irresistible!

Drawing cartoon caricatures is a real skill, though, and not many artists truly have the gift. Charlie of Charlie’s Cartoons found out that he was a talented cartoonist at an early age, and has made the day of thousands of people since then with his caricature cartoons.

Charlie creates caricature from photos, which customers supply to him – two or three are usually enough. He combines the caricature photos, which give him the physical attributes of the person or people to be caricatured, with information that you provide if you wish. This could be a funny story about the person who will receive the caricature, or information about they things they love – maybe football, or embroidery, or walking the dog in the woods.

Caricature cartoons take a lot of care to create, but Charlie can create your gift in up to three weeks. Once you’ve agreed a theme to the customer caricatures, he gets to work to drawn the caricature pictures first in pencil and then in ink.

What makes these caricature gifts something to treasure for years is the quality of the artistry that goes into them – and of course, they are mounted and framed to your own specification, so the person you are buying them for can hang them on the wall for years. Caricature gifts are unique to everyone.

We all spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect gift – and a caricature from photos certainly presses all the buttons.

February 15, 2011

Charlies Cartoons for a unique gift

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There are times when you need to find a gift for someone – be it a friend, relative or partner – but you just have no idea what to get them. Of course, there are always various safety nets (vouchers, cash, chocolates, wine) which people are more than happy to receive.

But these may not seem like enough. If you really care for someone, then you will most likely want them to feel that you put some real thought into a gift. If you are struggling to find something you know they will love, why not try caricatures?

Here at Charlie’s Cartoons, we can create incredible cartoon caricatures to suit everyone. They have been popular as birthday gifts and retirement gifts as well as anniversary and wedding presents. As our caricatures are created especially for purpose, you can be sure that you will have something unique which will be well loved.

Our fantastic caricatures from photos are easy to arrange: simply send us a picture, a few details about the intended subject, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You will then receive a caricature which captures the unique features of the subject, and is sure to bring a smile to their face.

Charlie prides himself on creating the best quality caricatures around, and can cater to a wide range of subjects such as wedding caricatures and group caricatures, which are a special gift that will be treasured for years to come.

February 9, 2011

Charlies Cartoons personalised caricatures

Personalised caricatures have been around in one form or another for centuries – you could even argue that the ancient Egyptians were a dab hand at this kind of pictorial art. Charlie’s Cartoons haven’t been around for quite that long, of course, but we’ve already found out that cartoon caricatures are an immensely popular gift. It’s not surprising, when you think about it – they say that with gifts it’s the thought that counts, and caricature gifts are so personal they show a lot of care and consideration.

That’s not to say they take forever to produce. Charlie can produce a caricature from photos provided by yourself in a timeframe ranging from three days (in emergencies!) to three weeks, so your caricature gifts can be with you in plenty of time for your big occasion.

You can provide a story along with your caricature pictures if you wish, which gives Charlie a little extra material to work with – perhaps the person you are buying a gift for is a keen golfer, or once met somebody famous….Charlie can even take a number of separate photos and compile family caricatures or group caricatures so you can all be in on the gift together.

Once you’ve sent your pictures, Charlie contacts you in 24 hours with an idea for the caricature, which you can edit or change. From there, the artistry begins, resulting in a finished cartoon, mounted and framed to your specific requirements. It’s a thoughtful gift that will continue to delight the recipient for years.

February 2, 2011

Charlies Cartoons caricature cartoons

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift, most of us look for something that is personal, special and appropriate to the person we are buying it for. That’s not easy – and that’s where Charlie’s Cartoons can help.

Because after all – what could be more personal than caricature cartoons of the people you wish to surprise with a gift? Caricature portraits take a photo of your friend, colleague or relative and exaggerate the main features with good humour until you have warm and charming caricature pictures of them.

We know from our customers that they absolutely love them – and because we supply our caricature pictures carefully framed, they can hang them on the wall for years. Caricature gifts are special because they are completely individual. It takes an expert to create them, of course – our artist Charlie has been creating caricature portraits since he was just a few years old, so he certainly has years of great experience!

Custom caricatures make excellent gifts for many occasions. For instance, if your friends are getting married, you could present them with wedding caricatures of their big day. Or perhaps someone well-liked is leaving work – we can create group caricatures of everyone in the office so he or she has a permanent memory of the friends left behind.

Artist Charlie needs only a few photographs to work from, and possibly a story about the person you wish to caricature. The result is a custom-made gift that will continue to delight for years – well worth the money.

January 30, 2011

Perfect personalised caricatures

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Perfect personalised caricatures are a passion for Charlie. His caricature portraits and caricature gifts are highly sought after and coveted by those with discerning tastes and humorous sensibilities. Charlie loves his work because it affords him the unique opportunity of working with some of the most amazing and inspirational people on the planet – his subjects. From film stars to fighter pilots, nurses to neurosurgeons, golfers to gardeners, each subject has a story which is life-affirming and motivational.

Charlie can take a few basic photographs of the subject and combine them with the anecdotes of friends and family, in order to create caricature from photos which amuse recipients to no end. They are often amazed that Charlie has managed to capture all the important elements of their personality and life story so quickly and effectively. He genuinely seems to know them, although they have never met. Moreover, subject recipients are often moved and touched that their friends and families have noticed so many positive aspects of their personalities, which they may have thought went unnoticed or perhaps even unappreciated.

These caricature gifts are a positive affirmation of love, affection and admiration. This type of gift feels as wonderful to give as to receive. Charlie uses his artistic skills to bring life, vitality and dynamism into all of his creations and his passion for art ensures that each portrait is completed to the highest standards. has some great gallery examples of the type of caricatures which Charlie has created for a plethora of diverse and disparate clients.

January 22, 2011

Professional caricatures

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Charlie’s caricature cartoons and personalised caricatures are perfect gifts for professional colleagues who may be celebrating a milestone of service to the company, retiring or even moving to pastures new. Charlie has a wealth of experience in creating clever and humorous caricature gifts for members of all types of trades, professions and occupations. His cartoons and caricatures have depicted authors, bartenders, cashiers, diplomats, events organisers, farmers, greengrocers, HGV drivers, immunologists and joiners in spectacular and social fashion for many years.

Charlie has also produced cartoons for national newspapers and many celebrity clients who have been impressed by his professionalism and artistic flair. When colleagues work closely together, it is common for close friendships to develop and it can be an emotional occasion when a popular workmate retires or leaves the company. It can almost feel like a family unit is being irreversibly changed forever.  Caricature gifts which either represent a portrait of the team member or colleague who is leaving, or the entire group or team together, can make for treasured possessions which will adorn the walls of recipients for many years to come.

Alternatively, colleagues are sometimes brought together as a cross-departmental team on a short term basis to work on a particular project, and bond particularly well. In cases like these, before each member returns to their particular department, a group caricature is an ideal parting present and permanent record of the group’s achievements. is most definitely the perfect place for premium professional caricature gifts, such as caricatures from photos.

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