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January 15, 2011

Fabulous family caricatures

Personalised caricatures make great gifts for families and one of the most enjoyable aspects of Charlie’s work is hearing about remarkable family stories and condensing and converting them into brilliant bespoke compositions.  Caricatures amaze and delight families as they capture special moments in time, and the particular tastes and events of each family member at these moments. Furthermore, family caricatures can cleverly reference the family relationships and dynamic interactions between each member which bond the family in love, affection, and even, at times, frustration and bewilderment.

Many families choose to invest in expensive professional photographs, but the results are often mundane and underwhelming. Family caricatures are dynamic and vibrant and capture the truth of a moment in a family’s life in a way which is impossible through any other artistic medium. These gifts can be perfect for children who are about to leave home for university or to embark on independent life through a particular profession, or conversely, can be given by kids flying the nest to their parents as a thank you for their many years of love and support.

Alternatively, caricature pictures can be used to mark milestones such as graduations, anniversaries, relocations to other areas, family business achievements or reunions.

They can be premium presents for family members who have emigrated, and will bring moments of daily joy to homes across the globe. can capture your family’s story in an amazingly accurate manner, every brushstroke lovingly placed to reflect years of combined history.

January 10, 2011

Caricature themes

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Caricatures are perfect for all manner of occasions and celebrations. For example, wedding caricatures can capture the happy couple on that special day in an unusual and memorable manner and could even include the bridal party and all of the important guests. Wedding caricatures capture the personalities of guests, ambience of the venue and sense of occasion in a special way which is impossible to achieve, even by modern photography.Charlie can also draw caricature from photos.

A caricature can also be a great wedding or engagement gift for the happy couple, and can even represent them in their daily dress, reflecting their occupations or perhaps their sporting passions.  Group caricatures can prove to be excellent end of season gifts for sports teams, or even as celebrations of a group of colleagues who have worked closely on a long-term project. In these situations, team members may not have even known each other  socially beforehand. Yet, through the trials, tribulations and triumphs of teamwork, various personality traits, quirks, special talents and amusing anecdotes have come to reflect not only the stories of individual team members, but also its collective strength.

Group caricatures are also ideal for class or workplace reunions or anniversary celebrations of great sporting or professional achievements, and could even be updated on each occasion to reflect the fact that the group is maturing perfectly like a fine wine. Charlie always finds a way to capture that special group dynamic in his custom caricatures, and the results are invariably innovative and inspirational. For a quote, portfolio examples and customer testimonials, please see today.

January 2, 2011

Classic caricature cartoons

Filed under: caricatures — Tags: , , , — Charlie Anson @ 3:09 pm creates classic caricature cartoons for your friends, family or colleagues. Charlie just loves to create great caricature from photos and a few amusing and interesting anecdotes. After letting his artistic imagination run riot for twenty four hours after you submit your photographs and background information on the subject, Charlie will develop a proposal for a completely original, hilarious and personalised caricature.

Creating caricature from photos allows Charlie to quickly get to grips with the composition and the stories which you provide allow him to reflect the subject’s personality, passions, professional interests and achievements in a humorous yet respectful manner.  Caricature gifts are always received with delight and are treasured for years to come.  Charlie adheres to the great satirical tradition of caricature as an art form which conveys a powerful message quickly and humorously, but of course, his creations are always celebrations of his subjects.  Once the composition is agreed, Charlie’s will get to work with pencil, Indian ink and various coloured paints which bring your caricature gifts to life in anywhere between three days and three weeks, depending on whether your request is urgent and the state of Charlie’s workload.

Upon payment, Charlie will send a scanned copy of the cartoon and then forward the original work of art.  We know that customers just love the original and exciting ideas which spring from Charlie’s imagination, and they agree that Charlie has the unique and innate ability to capture the very essence of their loved one in his caricatures.

December 31, 2010

Wonderful Wedding Caricatures

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Personalised caricatures are ideal or any occasion but are particularly suitable for wedding celebrations. Wedding caricatures are extremely special gifts for any couple as they are lasting unique reminders of the most special day of their lives which can last for many years to come. Caricature gifts can be used to depict wedding groups, stag parties, hen parties, or special loving representations of the lucky couple. Alternatively, wedding caricatures can provide powerful props for any best man as he wishes his comrade the best on his imminent journey to matrimony and responsibility.

Caricature gifts can also be used by the bridal party, matron of honour, bridesmaids and mother of the bride as a lasting gift for the bride as she embarks on her marriage and remembers all of the love and support of her friends and family over the years. Charlie can also produced caricature from photos, so if you have particular wedding photographs which you would like to be carefully converted to caricature form, please do not hesitate to contact him. These gifts amaze, amuse and delight all who receive them.

Wedding caricatures provide a long lasting reminder to couples and families of these special happy occasions which unite families as well as lovers embarking on blessed journeys into matrimony. For examples of Charlie’s wedding caricatures, please take a look at today and seek advice on one of the best purchases of your life! Charlie is awaiting your orders as we speak; paper in hand and paintbrush poised; the rest is entirely up to you!

December 24, 2010

Caricatures For Any Profession

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Charlie has produced amazing caricatures for members of every profession and those who occupy a plethora of employment positions. Personalised caricatures of doctors complete with stethoscopes, surgeons with flashing scalpels, footballers celebrating goals, and lawyers holding the court under their spell are all given a special twist by this virtuoso of caricature pictures. Charlie can create group caricatures for firemen, policemen, soldiers, sailors and pilots. Furthermore, he enjoys recreating famous events in the personal histories of horticulturalists, the lives of leisure attendants and the romances of racing drivers.

Charlie’s group caricatures are always that little bit special and can be the ideal way of honouring the collective achievements of a group of glaziers, a collection of choristers, a team of tree surgeons or even a posse of palaeontologists.  Caricature gifts can be treasured for generations and are a lasting testament to the personalities, lives, lives and achievements of their subjects. Whether they hang on the walls of surgeries, barracks, judges chambers, trophy rooms or common rooms, they will become a talking piece for all who survey them.

Charlie can produce cartoons for graduations, anniversaries, retirements and reunions- he is the professional’s professional and guarantees that you will be delighted with any custom caricatures which you commission him to complete. Therefore, if you have a colleague who is due to leave for another department, or has reached the point of retiring and you are considering purchasing a carriage clock, watch or trophy to end them on their way with all of you love and best wishes, think again! Your wisest option is undoubtedly to order a classy customer caricature from Charlie!

December 22, 2010

Finding Unique Gifts

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Finding the right gift for friends or family is usually very easy at first. But as time goes on it can be very easy to find yourself running out of ideas, or simply just getting into a rut, buying them similar things year in, year out.

So, if you want to get something a little bit different this year, there are two things to think about: do your research and get personal.

The first, research, which is easy enough. If you know their hobbies or interests, it’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to getting a present. Searching the internet for the chosen interest can throw up things that neither you nor they might have even known existed.

One of the other great ways to do something different is to get something that is extremely personal. Something quirky that bears their name or a picture of them is a great way to show that you have gone that extra mile and not just plumped for something generic or ordinary.

One such item that is growing in popularity as a present is cartoon caricatures. Caricatures are a fun way to say something very personal, and whilst they may be associated with holidays and a man with a funny hat sitting by an easel, buying cartoon caricatures that involve their interests or a special occasion will be much more special than those acquired by the beach by a man who has spent two minutes on them.

Whether it is a birthday present or something to commemorate an anniversary, caricatures are not only something extremely unique but by personalising them even more with and using a great artist, you can ensure you get in things that really mean something to the recipient, meaning they are not only fun, but truly special.

December 18, 2010

Caricature As Expression

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Caricatures have been used for generations for a variety of purposes and caricature art is a powerful and potent artistic genre.  It has been used to make serious satirical and political comment on contemporary current affairs in an incisive and humorous fashion. It can be used to inform, provoke, entertain, honour or celebrate any subject and is sure to never go out of fashion. All caricature portraits involve some form of exaggeration; whether of the subject’s physical features or personal habits, passions or hobbies.

Charlie is proud to be a part of this unique artistic tradition and utilised all the skills and talent of the greatest caricature artists in order to create caricature from photos, personal recollections, family histories and biographical details. Thus, the wonderful caricature gifts which he creates for his satisfied customers are a microcosm of the subject’s life, and are guaranteed to raise smiles of recognition on the faces of all who see them. Caricatures can be created for individuals or groups and Charlie always manages to capture a fantastic energy in his group caricatures. He has the special ability to find what is particularly unique and memorable about any subject.

Caricature gifts excite and amuse all who receive them and often, the person who is giving the gift becomes as excited as the recipient is sure to be. The act of giving a gift becomes extremely enjoyable when you order custom caricatures, because you can witness your artwork coming to life before your very eyes, Charlie will consult and advise you on your proposed project before completing his commission with trademark skill, flair and nonchalance.  Caricature as artistic expression is here to stay and Charlie affords you the unique opportunity of owning or donating a unique piece of art to your loved ones. Charlie ensures that you can have a unique piece of art which is a part of a proud artistic tradition.

December 12, 2010

The Perfect Caricatures

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Caricatures are all too often associated with a man near a beach who will draw you with your hair full of salt and your freshly pinked skin as a focus of the piece. Yet despite the fact people know that they are going to be drawn at a time when they are probably not looking their best does very little to dissuade people from buying them.

The simple reason for their popularity is that they are quirky and fun, and a great way to remember something special such as a great holiday. However, very few people are going to want to frame a picture of themselves dressed in only a bikini with sunglasses, tan lines and hair that is not so much demur as drowned.

So how can one go about getting great personalised caricatures to remind themselves of special occasions that they will want to show off to the world?

Well, caricatures don’t have to be reserved for the moment you have just got off a donkey. There are plenty of online artists who offer personalised caricatures based on your own unique photos that will give you a fun and interesting way to remember any special events from weddings to particular achievements. And rather than a swimming costume and a whole load of fake muscles languishing on a surfboard despite the fact you have never surfed in your life, the end result will not only be much more realistic, but also much more personal to you or the lucky recipient.

Whether you are looking for a unique present that has the most personal of touches possible or whether you simply want something more interesting to adorn your walls, creating your own cartoon of your life or the life of your loved one is a great way to do it.

December 10, 2010

Why Choose Group Caricatures?

Personalised caricatures can be ideal gifts for groups as well as individual subjects. Therefore, if you are a member of a sports team, school class, workplace team or armed services regiment, Charlie can easily produce group caricatures which exceed your requirements. The beauty of group caricatures lies in the fact that Charlie can depict group relationships and dynamics as well as individual characteristics.

Even group caricatures which involve small numbers, this dynamism can lead to exciting and vibrant results which will tickle the funny bones of each member and only strengthen bonds of camaraderie. Custom caricatures for groups are also ideal for reunions of school friends, sports clubs or workplaces. If you are organising an event like this, group custom caricatures can be exciting surprise centrepieces which really get the party as old friends and workmates reminisce about days gone by and discuss  what they have been up to in the intervening years.

Furthermore, if a sports team is faced to split up by circumstances,  gorgeous group caricatures can be excellent parting gifts at the end of a successful season. Whether you are a member of an abseiling club, gymnastic club, origami association, karate club, real ale fan club, motorcycle club,  political organisation or social club, group caricatures are sure to be right up your street. Anecdotes, recollections, photographs and team histories can be effortlessly blended into fantastic artistic compositions by Charlie at any time.  For examples of past group caricatures and to contact Charlie about your requirements, contact us today.

December 3, 2010

Classic Caricatures As Gifts

Personalised caricatures are the ideal gifts for those people who seem to have everything. At Charlie’s Cartoons, caricature gifts are a speciality, drawn personally by Charlie himself using his supreme talents and keen perceptions of personality quirks. Most people would love to own caricatures which capture their interests, personality, passions and life story in a unique artistic expression of love and appreciation.

Charlie can create custom caricatures from photographs, personal recollections, videos and all manner of sources which allow him to rapidly ascertain the most important and unique aspects of the subject’s personal story and blend them together to humorous and loving effect in an artistic expression of sheer joy and exuberance. Charlie has produced many caricature cartoons which have been used in prominent newspapers in order to comment on current affairs and famous faces, has several celebrity clients and many more satisfied customers who are amazed and completely satisfied with a stunning end result.

Caricature cartoons can be perfect gifts for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings to graduations, anniversaries or retirements. Charlie is versatile and flexible and can produce stunning original personalised artworks to extremely tight deadlines- please take a look at today for some excellent examples of his past works and for expert advice and guidance as you prepare the gift of a lifetime for your loved one.

Your stunning personalised caricature gift can be prepared faster than you think and will be treasured for lifetime by any gracious recipient. Charlie’s Cartoons-    proudly produce classic caricatures for  any occasion and any subject.

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