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November 25, 2010

Everyone loves caricature portraits

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It can be very difficult to find something that people of all ages and personalities will like. Caricature pictures are sure to get people talking and laughing. Whether you are looking for caricature gifts for your friend’s birthday or want to entertain your guests by having wedding caricatures drawn, you are sure to provide a unique and enjoyable experience.

As caricature gifts can be drawn from photos or with a person sitting right in front of the artist, they will always be totally unique and you will not be able to buy the same pictures from anywhere else. They can capture a person’s personality and interests in no more than a few brush strokes, making it a perfect gift for both people young and old.  It will also be something they will be able to keep hold of for the rest of their lives.
Wedding caricatures will help capture moments from the happiest day of your life in a unique way.

The caricatures will be different from photos or videos as they will express more than what you can simply see in front of you. There will be more feeling and personality drawn in to the pictures, making them more sentimental and more valuable to those who have attended the event. As the artist walks around on the day speaking to guests and drawing their portraits everyone can get involved making it a more memorable experience. They can also take their caricatures home with them as a cherished memento of the special day.

November 20, 2010

Danish Foreign Minister Helps to Defuse Caricatures Tension

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The Danish Foreign Minister has made an attempt to defuse some of the tension that was caused by caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed which offended many Muslims.

After meeting with a top Egyptian cleric, the Foreign Minister said she had found the cartoon caricatures “very regrettable.”

Lene Espersen was speaking after a book was published with caricatures denoting Mohammed under the heading, ‘The Tyranny of Silence.’

These caricature cartoons were published five years ago in the Jyllands-Postens newspaper which led to rioting and massive demonstrations in a number of Muslim countries. It also led to the death of a number of people in Nigeria in 2006.

Although the book has not printed copies of the pictures individually, it does show the front page of the newspaper in which the pictures had appeared.

Speaking at a press conference in Cairo, Ms Expersen stated that she recognised the pain felt by many Muslims when the pictures were published five years ago.

She said: “I would just like to make it clear that this was something we found very regrettable and didn’t wish to see it repeated. The Danish government respects all religious creeds and communities and condemns any attempt to demonise groups of people on the basis of religion or their ethnic background.”

The pictures sparked a lot of controversy and outrage when they were initially published as they depicted the Prophet Mohammed with a lit bomb in his turban.

A violent response ensued and an Iraqi Kurd was arrested in Norway as part of a plan to commit an attack on the Jyllands-Posten newspaper headquarters.

Dia Rashwan, from the Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies has claimed that the actions of the Danish Foreign Minister would, “play a large role in calming tensions.”

Caricature cartoons at events

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Planning an event is a big responsibility. Entertainment is always going to play a big part and by getting that right, the rest of the night cannot go too wrong. Getting an artist to draw caricature pictures is a great way to get your guests laughing at themselves and fellow guests. Another advantage of having custom caricatures at an event is that guests actually have something to take home at the end of the night.

The type of event will determine the type of caricature cartoons your guests will receive. For instance if it is a family event such as a birthday party or wedding, then group caricatures may be more suitable than individual pictures. By thinking about the type of venue your event is being held in, you can also work out the best way to have your caricature cartoons drawn. A larger venue may call for a walkabout caricature artist. He or she will be able to walk around the venue, speaking to guests and drawing their pictures on the spot. This will undoubtedly prove very popular and will help break down any initial awkwardness between guests who have never met before. Everyone can get involved and the pictures will get everyone laughing.

If you are hosting a special occasion such as a Christening party or wedding you may think about having a more formal setting. Guests may be able to sit down in turn to have their caricature pictures drawn while everyone else looks on and awaits their turn all in the name of fun.

November 15, 2010

Caricature cartoons make great presents

Personalised caricatures will mean much more to a person than yet another bottle of perfume or T-shirt. It is worth considering that your daughter may much prefer custom caricatures of her in a favourite dress with her favourite toys around her. In the same way, your wife might enjoy receiving a present which is less predictable. While it can be nice to know what you are likely to receive at Christmas and birthdays, having a pleasant surprise once in while can be fantastic.

Choosing caricature cartoons show you have put a lot of thought in to picking the right present, as well as being unique. There is no way anyone else will have custom caricatures as they will be personally tailored to your daughter’s face shape, right down to tiny details such as her favourite dress. These are some things you simply cannot buy in the shops, which can only be found by getting an artist to create impressive personalised caricatures.

Unlike a bottle of perfume, a caricature will not need to be replaced when it runs out. This is a gift that the recipient can cherish for the rest of their lives, as they will always be able to look at it and recall many happy times.

Likewise, as many artists can work from photographs and other details you give them, there is no need to tell the recipient about the picture they are going to receive. This makes cartoons and caricatures the perfect surprise when they tear back the wrapping paper on their birthday.

November 10, 2010

Why did people start drawing caricature portraits?

There is a good chance that many of us have seen an artist drawing cartoons and caricatures at a shopping centre or amusement park. Perhaps the person is sitting directly in front of them, or maybe the artist is drawing the caricature from photos. In all these cases it is natural to stop and watch the master at work as he puts the finishing strokes to the caricatures. In history classes, we may even have looked at propaganda posters from the Second World War with caricatures on them.

These days caricatures are even found in magazines and newspapers, so when did this whole phenomenon begin? It seems that they have always been a part of our lives, and the evidence would also seem to suggest this. In fact, they actually date back a few centuries. These pictures were originally introduced by a group of Italian artists called the Carracis.  In fact, this is where the word ‘caricature’ actually originates from. They wanted to capture a piece of the subject’s personality while making them laugh.

Just like today, these drawings were also used as a tool to make a comment about politics or other serious issues. By making the issues more simplified more and more people can understand and enjoy them.  In the same way, they were also used to mock political figures and to carry hidden meanings. So rather than simply drawing something that was plainly mocking somebody, the cartoons were much more clever with their hidden layers of meaning. It is popular now for people to give caricature gifts on special occasions.

Caricatures of World Leaders to Go on Display

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Cartoon caricatures of the most powerful world leaders are set to go on display at the G20 Summit in Seoul next month.
Drawn by caricatures enthusiast and artist, Cho Won-haeng, the cartoon caricatures will express the leaders’ facial characteristics and personalities.

The artist and professor at Mokwon University spent over three months studying his subjects’ interests, quirks and facial characteristics before completing the original cartoon caricatures.

The G20 Summit itself is due to take place over a period of dates in Seoul. The first leg will run between 23 October and 2 November, while the second chapter will take place between 3 and 4 November. The final leg of the Summit will take place between 5 and 12 November.

Now, the organisers of the exhibition to show the cartoons are hoping to display them at the very same location as the Summit, the COEX hall in Samseong-dong.

Among those immortalised in cartoon form are David Cameron riding on a horse and Barrack Obama indulging in a bit of golf.

Organised by the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency (KOMACON) in collaboration with the Ministry for Culture, Sports and Tourism, it is hoped that the drawings will appeal to a large audience on a global scale.

Speaking to newspaper Chosun, a spokesperson for KOMACON claims that the chief aim of presenting the exhibition is to lighten the mood of the G20 Summit by, “bringing out the humorous and likeable sides of the leaders. “

The G20 was established in 1999 and brings together the world’s leading finance ministers and central bank governors from nineteen countries including the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. The Summit meeting is generally intended to discuss key issues affecting the world’s economy.

The G20 Summit also aims to encourage constructive discussion on an economic scale between the world’s leading economies and the new, emerging market countries

November 3, 2010

What kind of caricature cartoons should you choose?

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Let’s face it. Caricature pictures are not for the faint hearted or the easily offended. Cartoons and caricatures are usually intended to be funny and entertaining so they may not always be the best idea for someone who gets offended easily.  On the other hand, people of all ages can enjoy them – as long as they are above board and free from potentially offensive content.

Caricature pictures are supposed to make us laugh and smile. Depending on what you are after, they can also come in many different forms. For instance, if you are looking for an artist to draw pictures of guests at an event, this can be arranged. These days, having an artist draw caricature pictures at an event (such as a wedding) is becoming more and more popular. As the subject sits for the artist, the other guests can watch as the picture comes to life.

Other pictures can be drawn from photos and the artist may also pick out some aspects of the subject’s personality or interests.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to producing caricatures, which is why each will be unique from the last one the artist produced. It can also be fun to have family caricatures drawn, which will be something to treasure for a long time.

When flicking through a newspaper or magazine, we may also come across some caricatures and cartoons of leading political
figures or celebrities. These are designed with mock humour and irony in mind, and are intended to either make us laugh or perhaps convey a hidden meaning beneath the surface.

October 27, 2010

A Humorous History: The Satire of Caricatures

With a history as long as that of caricature, it’s perhaps surprising that the art form has digressed very little from its most amiably satirical standpoint. Caricatures have long been an acceptable, cheeky form of something like an insult, only softer around the edges.

Personalised caricatures have served their respective sides well in terms of politics since First World War. Artists were afforded the scope to display unspeakable acts and heinous personality traits in a tolerable visual form. Similarly to mainstream children’s cartoons of today, where human blood and slaughter are forbidden and thusly substituted with armies of savaged monsters or massacred robots, the versatile art of caricatures granted wonderfully sneaky artistic licence to publically mock political or prominent figures, showing a level of brutality and scorn that would perhaps, in any other medium, have been unacceptable. Modern caricature continues to grace the pages of every newspaper and magazine, humorously demonstrating the failings and follies of our peers in its uniquely palatable form.

Contemporary personalised caricature has become somewhat of a tourist attraction in locales like Covent Garden in London, and on the mainland European streets in the likes of Paris, Barcelona and Rome. In these terms, caricature is no more or less than a gentle bespoke spoof. The place of caricature in contemporary street art and performance is undisputed and remains largely unchanged. Of course being able to see the funny side of a particularly biting personalised caricature is certainly necessary before engaging the services of many street caricature artists.

In a world filled with impersonal luxury and uniformity, personalised gifts mark a gesture of authenticity so often lacking in gift giving. It’s perhaps this hunt for “the personal touch” that’s currently boosting the trade of caricature artists. Unique and witty, in all likelihood the art of caricature will continue its life narrations for many satirically endowed years to come.

October 25, 2010

Caricatures: The Fun Family Portrait

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Family portraits are a long honoured tradition that many individuals can expect to take part in from their infancy all the way through their elder years when they have a family of their own. Following this trend, it’s not hard to imagine that after a while, these portraits can begin to look similar – the same format, the same poses, and the same grins plastered across everyone’s faces while they wait for the obligatory picture to be taken. Why not try something new, something fun for everyone that will be sure to stand out from every other portrait you’ve ever done: a caricature portrait.

These personalised caricature portraits provide a unique and humorous approach to the staid portrait format, and are great for group caricatures, as well as individual pictures. The design and artistry relies on a provided photo of the individuals involved, which makes a great surprise for families who are spread out and have limited time to get together for group photos. With this approach, there are two ways you can go about having a family caricature done. The first is to take a group photo, or use an existing photo for everyone involved and have it sent to the artist, the second is a slightly different tactic, using individual photos of everyone in the family and asking the artist to incorporate these into a stylised family caricature.

However you decide to do it, group caricatures can offer a unique and wonderful alternative to the traditional family portrait.

October 20, 2010

Special Occasion Caricatures

There are many ideas about what gifts are necessary for special occasions. From family reunions to weddings and anniversaries, there are a whole range of gift ideas and traditions. But so many of these ideas are outdated or unoriginal that it can be difficult to show you have put in thought and care in selecting a gift. If you’re in this situation and you want to get something to commemorate the special day that is wildly creative and unlike anything anyone else will get, then consider a caricature portrait as the solution.

Personalised caricatures are becoming more popular, but are still not the first idea considered for special occasions. Even if the goal is to provide portraits of the happy couple, special boy or girl, or family group, most people go to the more traditional forms of portraiture, which can be costly and time consuming. Cartoon caricatures on the other hand, are a fun and creative alternative to this and offer something that will be treasured along with the best of the best in traditional gifts, but with more a more personal touch.

Wedding caricatures are an especially useful idea no matter what role you play in the special day. A bride or groom can provide each other with special caricatures to keep in their wedding scrapbook next to formal photos. Brides’ maids can provide a caricature portrait of a photo from the hen party to the bride as a special gift. Family caricatures are also a creative option to a family photo, and one that everyone will want as a keepsake.

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