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October 15, 2010

Caricature Portraits for Children

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Children notoriously love cartoons and animated forms of entertainment. If your child is one who loves everything drawn in the cartoon and caricature format, and you’re looking for a special gift for a birthday or upcoming occasion, you should consider a caricature cartoon portrait. This form of portraiture appeals to children, not just because of the cartoon design, but because it is designed to highlight the individuals in a fun and humorous light. Caricatures are a great surprise for that special child or grandchild in your life. As well as providing a personal gift, you can know that it won’t just be tossed aside like last year’s toys.

These gifts are also much easier to keep hidden if your child likes to snoop for their present ahead of time. The method for having the caricature portrait done is simple – just send in a photo of your child and a story or anecdote for artist inspiration. The artwork will then be discussed with you to keep you up to date in the process, before it is pencilled, drawn, shaded and coloured. For the extra special touch, the caricature even comes mounted and framed to your specifications. The caricature from photos method means that you can pick out the photo you like best of your child and have the caricature styled to it.

Cartoons and caricatures are a great, unique present that you can be sure will be kept for years to come, providing a fun and magical portrait for the special child in your life.

October 10, 2010

Caricature Over Traditional Portraits?

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Like many people, you may be wondering what advantages a caricature portrait can offer over the more traditional portraiture styles. Truly, it is just a personal choice, but it can spice up the traditional format of portraits using photography or other styles of artistic design. It can take a couples’ photo and turn it into a very fun rendition of the same image for a unique display at home. If you are considering giving a caricature gift, there are a few factors to consider. For the young, or the young at heart, this form of portraiture has an amusing appeal. It is an especially great present for those who have a strong sense of humour.

The personalised caricature takes the individual’s more prominent features and exaggerates them, usually for comic effect. For many, this is a cherished gift that highlights their own cartoonish qualities. The cartoon element is certainly a draw to children and young people who love to see themselves in a new light, and in a medium that they will be much more accustomed to than formal portraiture styles.

And with children, the method of caricature can also make it an easier gift for those who are not keen on sitting for long periods of time. Sending in a favourite photo as a reference for the writer eliminates the need for a child to sit for long periods of time. This also works well for group caricatures, where a photo is easier to send in rather than rounding up a large group of people for the portrait.

October 6, 2010

Making a Spectacle: Art in Public Spaces

Graffiti, street artist caricatures, impromptu performances – public attitude concerning these formerly frowned-upon arts has certainly shifted in the last decade. Art in the public eye has always been, and will always be, a fantastically changeable monster. Impossible to control or accurately predict, the authentic, organic evolution of street art has produced some of contemporary art’s finest moments.

It’s not all about Banksy anymore, but love him or hate him, his work opened the eyes and minds of the mainstream public as to how fantastic and creative graffiti can be.

Artists like Banksy have upped the ante, encouraging fresh talents and a higher level of skill that often borders closer to illusionist than artist.

Occasionally in danger of becoming a caricature of itself, contemporary graffiti has taken its first tentative steps into the world of mainstream advertising. Generally termed “Guerrilla Advertising”, the premise can range from simple legal painting sponsored by a big brand, to mysterious movements created for the sole purpose of encouraging word of mouth advertising. This is perhaps the most difficult to nail since the most common purpose of graffiti is to question the mainstream.

Interactive Art
Generally existing to encourage the public to be more than a viewer – a participant who questions, who is involved in the world.

Interactive street art-like caricatures are nothing new, but with a surge of brilliant new artists on the scene capturing the everyday public in their caricature portraits as they wander the streets, the scene is certainly bright.

Performance art has been making an interesting leap of late back to its satirical roots. Short, impromptu plays questioning everything from social ethics to politics have become the voice of a generation. Educational groups and facilities are finding such platforms fantastic in terms of nurturing creativity and social pride in students.

In the end – in terms of art – everything everywhere is a canvas eventually.

October 5, 2010

Caricature Cartoons as the Perfect Gift

If you’re looking for a unique and special gift but are stuck on what to get, you should give your friends or family members a caricature portrait. These artistic portraits are different than your average photograph and exude creativity and fun. You can be sure your present will be different than any gift they’ve ever had before. Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation or anniversary, a caricature portrait is sure to be a favourite.

Everyone wants to give something original, something that is tailored to your special someone, and these custom caricatures provide just that. The artist is committed to creating portraits that capture the essence of the individual, using photos and anecdotes you provide for inspiration and reference.

The ability to create caricatures from photos allows you the ability to select your favourite picture of your friends or family for the portrait’s personal touch. Does the photo have a special memory attached to it, a funny story or event that happened? Send this information to the artist and suddenly your portrait has more life and a story to tell. Unlike simple cartoon caricatures, these portraits offer a scene and not just a simple display of only the individual. You can provide a great present that will be something to remember for both you and your special someone.

Custom caricatures
are a delightfully amusing gift that demonstrates creativity and personality. You can ensure that a gift like this will show how much you’ve thought of your friend on their special day.

September 29, 2010

Cartoon Caricatures

For many people, the mention of cartoon caricatures conjures up an image of a the seaside promenade; a crowded beach front with a row of artists sketching uncomfortable looking tourists, as many more tourists look on. But, in reality, the days when the sea side was the only place you could get a caricature drawn are gone. What’s more, caricatures have matured into a fantastic way of surprising a friend or relative with a very thoughtful gift – here are the top three reasons why:

No posing necessary: these days you don’t need to sit in front of a crowd of tourists as you pose for your caricature – online companies like Charlie’s Cartoons can manage the entire process over the internet, with impressive results.  All you need to do is send a photograph or two and include a brief description of the subject – you can liaise with the artist to discuss your exact requirements and everything else is done by them: this means you can totally surprise a friend or relative with a caricature of themselves. All you need are a few good photos and a little bit of time.

An original gift: if you have a friend with a sense of humour and you want to find them the perfect present, cartoon caricatures are a great idea. They are fun, memorable and thoughtful, plus they make for a very personal gift – as you go through the design process you can make sure that they really reflect the personality and style of the person in question. The beauty of such services lies in the ability to create unique artwork that looks exactly as you want it to look: you’ll see the idea for the finished caricature before its drawn so you can make comments and changes to ensure that you’re totally happy with the finished product.

No hassle: If you’re shopping for a wedding present or birthday gift, the chances are that all the other present buyers are hunting in exactly the same places, and the shops are often less fun when you’re not selecting things for yourself. Not only will a caricature be a unique gift, it will be completely hassle free for you to get your hands on: with an on-line service like Charlie’s, once you’ve sent a few photos with some supporting information, the finished product will be delivered to you framed and ready to go – hand painted and beautifully finished.

September 23, 2010

Connoisseur’s Choice

Caricature cartoons and personalised caricatures have long been considered as the connoisseur’s choice for bespoke personalised gifts. Indeed, perhaps no other art form is as flexible and diverse; from caricature gifts for loved ones to political cartoons in international newspapers to magazines such as MAD, the art of caricature is ageless and subject to constant transmogrification.

An entire culture and global industry has grown around cartoons and caricatures, with a prestigious International Society of caricature Artists, international expositions and conferences, industry magazines and guides, websites and merchandising all paying homage to the art and history of caricature. Furthermore, there are international awards ceremonies which are dedicated to the recognition of the finest exponents of this amazing art form. Charlie has been an artist since he was a child, and his lifelong passion for artistic impression is now focused on the production of cartoons and caricatures. Therefore if you have always wanted your own caricatures to treasure forever, please look no further than Charlie’s cartoons. Discerning customers from all walks of life have chosen caricature gifts for those whom they love and admire for centuries now, because these portraits just have a certain je ne sais quoi which makes them that little bit special.

The art of caricature constantly reinvents itself and the very nature of its production involves an inherent explosive energy and intellectuality which ensures that a stunning caricature portrait will never go out of fashion. We sincerely hope that you will trust Charlie for all of your caricature needs – as Charlie’s Cartoons are most definitely the connoisseur’s choice.

September 18, 2010

History of Caricature

Many of us may be under the impression that caricature is a relatively new art form, but in fact, caricature portraits and personalised caricatures have been produced for centuries to amuse recipients, comment on political events, agitate the public, stimulate the imagination and provoke debate. The word caricature comes from the Italian ‘caricare’ which means ‘to load’ and signifies that fact that, in caricature pictures, the artists loads as many layers of meaning and interpretation as possible into the piece. Caricature gifts may be modern phenomena, but the art of caricature has been around since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci and became prominent in the early eighteenth century.

A caricature artist will exaggerate the natural features of a subject to represent their physical characteristics, clothing, tastes, personality and habits, using insight and artistic skill to produce results which can be both hilarious and profound. In America and the United Kingdom, there is a long established tradition of cartoons and caricatures being used as powerful political media which make witty and incisive comments on the contemporary political climates and prominent public figures.

In these types of caricatures, mockery is used in order to expose public figures to scrutiny and events to examination, and thus, a seemingly trivial technique combines with wit and intelligence to open up serious public debate. Do not worry though; Charlie’s family caricatures and group caricatures only ever use gentle humour and exaggeration to produce touching and unique gifts which will be treasured. Nevertheless, it is evident that Charlie follows a long and illustrious tradition in the art of caricature.

September 13, 2010

Any Occasion, Any Character

Charlie’s Cartoons are an excellent gift for any occasion and for any individual. Caricature cartoons are the only art forms which are guaranteed to make everyone who sees them smile because they appreciate the gentle humour used in personalised caricatures in order to reflect the unique personality of the individual subject or the special energy of the occasion. Charlie is flexible and versatile when it comes to compositions: he can easily produce outstanding family caricatures, wedding caricatures, graduation portraits, reunion group pieces or indeed any other type of caricature gifts.

A quick perusal of the portfolio gallery at reveals the versatility and diversity of caricatures which are offered. Charlie’s custom caricatures have been used to represent beloved fathers, newly graduated girlfriends, boisterous boyfriends, scintillating stag do’s and superb surgeons.

From webmaster to theatre directors, entrepreneurs to war veterans, flatmates to motivated young mothers, Charlie’s Cartoons can condense lifetimes, personalities, special moments and energies into unique caricature cartoons for any subject and any individual. Furthermore, if you work for a media organisation or political party and require a humorous caricature of rival politicians, sportsmen, or any public figure, Charlie can produce excellent caricature portraits of famous figures very rapidly.

What sets Charlie’s cartoons apart from those of his rivals is the level of detail and artistic expertise: in every picture, a close examination reveals that every space has been used to reflect aspects of the personal life journey, personal taste and identity. Yet, the caricature portraits are perfectly balanced and composed and never appear cluttered. This is the hallmark of a great caricature artist, and Charlie has earned a reputation as perhaps the best in the business.

September 8, 2010

Unique Gifts Made Easy

It couldn’t be simpler to order a unique gift for a loved one than it is with Charlie’s Cartoons. The process of creating personalised caricatures is simple yet fascinating and by choosing Charlie for your caricature portraits, you can be sure of a gift unlike any other.

The first step in the process is to get in touch with Charlie by using the ‘order your cartoon’ online form on our website, then simply supply two or three photographs of the subject along with a few anecdotes and details which reflect the subject’s personal history, sense of humour, personal tastes, or achievements . Do not worry if you think you may struggle with this part of the process, because Charlie will be glad to help you by prompting you with questions, making comments and suggestions about the information which will best help him compose the piece.

The next step in the caricature from photos process then subsequently occurs, as within twenty four hours, Charlie will get in contact with you in order to discuss his unique, quirky and innovative suggestion for the composition. This is where the magic of caricature gifts is evident, as well as the artistic vision and imaginative capacity of Charlie. You will be amazed by the fact that, using a relatively small amount of information; a few photographs and stories, a person’s life journey, achievements, personality, loves and passions are all stylishly blended to create a beautiful gift.

For examples of cartoons and caricatures which Charlie has created to celebrate milestones, celebrations, occasions and even simply to reflect the individuality of a loved one, please take a look at the portfolio, which provides an online gallery of Charlie’s work. It is evident that humour, warmth, personality are injected into every Charlie’s Cartoon with a unique twist of style and panache.

Wedding Gifts That Stand Out

Wedding season is in full swing, and over the next few months many people will find themselves attending at least one or two – if not an entire summer’s worth. Although weddings are always something to look forward to as a guest (minimum hassle when it comes to organisation, just a great party and a lovely celebration to look forward to), they do take a bit of work as well, from organising transport and accommodation to finding a suitable outfit.

But the really tough nut to crack when you’ve been invited to a wedding is buying the perfect gift; how can you make sure you find something that the happy couple doesn’t already have, and that they’re not going to get from anyone else?  A wedding is one of life’s most memorable events for the bride and groom so, even for those couples who wisely choose to set up an online wedding shop or opt for gift vouchers, it’s worth investing in a more personal gift that will remind them of their big day for years to come.

If you’ve decided you want to find a personal and unique wedding gift for a close friend or relatives, Charlie’s Cartoons is the bespoke answer you’re looking for. Charlie’s Cartoons are custom made, beautifully painted cartoon caricatures that are especially designed to provide a lasting memento of the highlights in life – and what better highlight to celebrate than a wedding?

With an on-line service like Charlie’s, all you need to do is send a few photos with some supporting information about couple for whom the cartoon caricature is intended. Once you’ve fine-tuned your request the result, which is always hand drawn and painted, will be delivered to you framed and ready to go, so you won’t ruin the surprise by asking your friends to pose for the painting.

The beauty of this service lies in the ability to create unique artwork that looks exactly as you want it to look: you’ll see the idea for the finished caricature before its drawn so you can make comments and changes to ensure that you’re totally happy with the finished gift. The newlyweds will be delighted not only by the present, but by the thought and effort you’ve obviously put into to your choice. Caricatures are fun and original, so they’ll provide a unique contrast to the traditional wedding photos or posed portraits that many newlyweds pose for, as well as a lasting memory.

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