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July 25, 2010

Why Family Caricatures Make Great Gifts

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If you have a family occasion coming up, from a special wedding anniversary or birthday to a reunion or a wedding or christening, it’s nice to think of doing something to mark the event and remember it for years to come.

Family caricatures can portray family members with affection and humour, either as group caricatures or as depictions of a couple. Unique and highly personalised, caricature cartoons really do make excellent gifts that are likely to be a talking point of any family occasion, and a wonderful reminder of all the memories you have in common.

You may also be pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it can be to organise custom caricatures – and how affordable. Because custom caricatures can be organised entirely online, at a time and place which suits you – crucial if you’re involved in organising a family get-together and time is tight.

At Charlie’s Cartoons, we can do single, couple or group caricatures to an extremely high standard, with just the right level of humour.

Just send us a photo or two of the family member you want to be portrayed, along with a few extra details or anecdotes, and we’ll do the rest. Although we like to have as much time as possible, if time is tight, we can turn around custom caricatures in three days.

Price depends on what you need – ask about our free no-obligation quote service. Visit our website now.

July 19, 2010

Personalised Caricatures: Great for Graduations

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If your son or daughter, brother or sister or friend is graduating from university, you may be looking for a gift which marks the occasion and congratulates them on their achievement. And finding something suitable, and above all unique and personalised, can seem a challenge.

You may not have thought immediately about personalised caricatures, but caricature gifts are affectionate, thoughtful presents which will be truly appreciated and treasured for years, rather than politely acknowledged then quickly forgotten. They also serve as a brilliant memento of the subject’s years at university.

Caricature gifts can be tailored to suit the occasion, so in the case of graduation caricature pictures, that might include degree scroll, gown and mortar board.

At Charlie’s Cartoons, we create caricature pictures for a wide range of occasions, including graduations. Our caricature gifts can be organised entirely online, so you won’t even have to leave home to buy them.

We just ask for a couple of photos of the subject, along with a few details. Perhaps your recipeint is a keen actor, rower, journalist or football player at university, for example?

You’ll be involved with your caricature pictures every step of the way. We’ll suggest an initial idea to you, and pencil draft, before presenting you with the completed, framed and coloured article.

Our website has more details about our no-nonsense, excellent value caricature gifts, perfect presents with a humorous twist for graduations and many other occasions. Log on today and find out more.

July 12, 2010

Caricature Portraits: Perfect for Weddings

Finding a wedding gift which stands out from the crowd can be hard, even if the couple has a list. It’s important to find something with a meaning unique to them, a present which no other guest has bought, and one which will be cherished permanently.

One gift idea you may not have thought about is wedding caricatures. These affectionate depictions of the happy pair highlight and exaggerate certain physical characteristics to great comic effect, while leaving others out. Custom caricatures will be a great talking point amongst family and friends in the year ahead.

At the same time, original wedding caricatures may be far cheaper than you may have thought. And, as the whole thing can be done online, quickly and easily, you won’t face endless traipsing round the shops.

Custom Caricatures from Charlie’s Cartoons

At Charlie’s Caricatures, we can help whether you want wedding caricatures or custom caricatures for any other special occasion.

We can sort out your cartoons and caricatures promptly and with no fuss. Just send us a couple of photos and a few funny details or a story about your ‘victims’. If we need any more specific information, we’ll ask for it.

You get to hear about Charlie’s idea, then you’ll see a pencil draft and a scanned copy before we supply our custom caricatures, coloured, shaded, mounted and framed exactly as you have asked for it.

See our website and read some testimonials from our delighted customers today.

July 7, 2010

Make Celebrations Special With Cartoon Caricatures

Cartoons are not just for youngsters, as adults who buy caricature portraits get as much pleasure from the brightly coloured images as children.

Expert artists are aware of the appeal of drawings that form a likeness of the individual receiving the finished product. These kinds of portraits are humorous by nature as they play up people’s most recognizable features in a funny way. They give great pleasure to individuals who find it interesting to get an impression of themselves from a different angle. In order to make these artworks even more appealing, specialist drawers can add in other details that transform the images from likenesses to full blown cartoon caricatures.

Artists work from photos of the subject and fill in backgrounds using information given concerning the person being drawn. This means that people who share a history together can have elements of their past brought to life in the lively colours of the images. There is much scope for what can be included in the drawings, making them highly personalised.

For example, the person buying the image as a gift, may like the artist to highlight landmarks in the subject’s career or personal life, leading many shoppers to purchase them to celebrate special events. Expert artists have produced cartoon caricatures that reflect people’s prowess and achievements in a hobby, for instance. While success in exams and recent anniversaries have all been noted pictorially on the drawings.

As well as their personalised nature, another aspect of these portraits that sets them apart from other gifts is their sense of fun. Expertly drawn cartoons mixed with humorous events from peoples’ lives are a great way to make them smile and usually see the image becoming a treasured gift. Specialists are available to help make appropriate suggestions, while buyers are free to add their own thoughts on the finished product, as they know the individual best.

July 6, 2010

Cartoon Caricatures: A Brief History

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The word ‘caricatures’ has its origins in the Italian verb meaning to charge or to load, and so literally means a ‘loaded portrait.’ Essentially, cartoon caricatures exaggerate or distort the essence of a person to create a visual likeness which can easily be identified.

In literature, a caricature is a description of a person using exaggeration of some characteristics and oversimplification of others.

An early definition of the term can be found in the English doctor Thomas Browne’s work Christian Morals, published posthumously nearly 300 years ago in 1716.

Genuine cartoon caricatures are often said to depict real-life people, not fictional characters. Caricatures of politicians are commonly used in newspapers, and they can be insulting or complimentary and serve a political purpose or be drawn purely to entertain.

Caricature Gifts from Charlie’s Cartoons

If you’re looking for caricature gifts, make us at Charlie’s Cartoons your first port of call. You could use our custom caricatures for any family occasion, from a wedding to a special birthday or other anniversary.

Just send us a couple of photos, along with details or anecdotes about the person or people you want drawn. And we’ll turn them into custom caricatures! All our caricature gifts are hand drawn and painted, framed, delivered and ready to present as an unusual, personalised gift to be treasured for many years to come.

See our website for samples of our work, and read testimonials from people who have already been delighted by our service.

June 30, 2010

Caricature Portraits – The Ideal Gift

If you’re buying a present for someone close to you and you want to make it really memorable, the challenge isn’t ‘what can I afford?’ To find a really special gift you need to invest some cash and most people are readily prepared to do so.  The question of ‘where should I look’ is also no longer a problem  these days thanks to the plethora of specialist gift and gadget retailers that have sprung up on the high street and the internet, all offering a whole range of thoughtful, unusual items for every occasion form christenings to crystal weddings.

The real nut to crack when it comes to buying the perfect gift is, ‘how to I make sure I find something that they don’t already have, and that they’re not going to get from anyone else?’

If you’re shopping for a wedding present, birthday present or gift for any memorable event, the chances are that all the other guests are probably thinking exactly the same thoughts and hunting in exactly the same places.

But luckily there’s an easy way to solve this conundrum – give them a painting of themselves; not an old fashioned oil painting, but something fun, original and personal like a personalised caricature, which can reflect many aspects of their appearance and personality or remind them of a special event or memory.

Thanks to the appearance of websites specialising in cartoon caricatures, you won’t ruin the surprise by asking your friend to pose for the painting – all you need to do is send a few photos and liaise with the artist online to ensure you get exactly what you want. If your friend enjoys sky-diving, commission a caricature that shows them in action; if you went on an amazing holiday with them, ask for the picture to be set in that holiday location. The details are entirely up to you, and once you’ve decided on your requirements you’ll be sent a beautifully painted, framed cartoon caricature that’s all ready for the big day.

As well as being amazing gifts in themselves, caricature portraits really prove that you’ve thought long and hard about finding the right thing, invested time into purchasing it. What’s more, caricatures are guaranteed to be completely personal and unique to the recipient – this is the real key to ensuring you find a gift that will never be forgotten.

June 24, 2010

What Are Your Caricature Options?

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At Charlie’s Caricatures we like to go that extra mile – so apart from just offering that fantastic personalised caricatures, we like to offer a level of customisation, which ensures that your caricature gifts are right on the money!

Firstly, the key to our personalised caricatures is that throughout the creative process we try and ensure that the image is going exactly how you want – therefore within 24 hours of you making an order, Charlie himself will give you a call to exchange ideas.

When it comes to prices and sizing we also wish to offer custom caricatures, offering options to suit different budgets or different requests regarding frames etc.

To be more specific, we offer A3 and A4 sized costing £90 and £120 respectively – a real bargain for a truly bespoke item.

In regards to frames, we also endeavour to offer a modicum of choice; therefore you can opt for an affordable Perspex clip-on frame for just £5 which gives you the versatility of get your caricature framed at your own convenience.

Alternatively, if you want your personalised caricatures to exude that touch of class , then we’ll be happy to mount and frame your caricature elegantly on your behalf – for the distinctly affordable price of £15.

So, whilst a personalised caricature is always going to be a highly personalised and unique gift, at Charlie’s Cartoons we like to go a little bit further and take care of all those little extras at your convenience.

June 19, 2010

Mark that Special Occasion

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Cartoon caricatures are a fabulous way to mark any occasion – or even just as a spontaneous gift – as they, unlike most other presents, are uniquely personalised. With this in mind, caricatures are perfect for a whole gamut of chronological landmarks such as:


As caricatures are essentially portraits, they are a fantastic way to mark a special occasion such as a birthday – where you might want to create an item that will serve as a lasting reminder for a mother and new baby, for example. Of course, the thing that makes caricatures stand head and shoulders above traditional photographs or portraits is the fact they are hilarious cartoons!

Family Caricatures

On a similar note, to accompany that serious family portrait you have taken once in a while, family caricatures are a great way to celebrate your families unique sense of humour – and to create memories that not only last a lifetime, but also raise a few smiles!

A Genuine Surprise!

As caricatures are completely unique they are absolutely ideal as surprise gifts – what could be more surprising unwrapping that wedding gift to find wedding caricatures! The uniqueness of caricatures makes them a truly bespoke gift – that doesn’t break the bank, now you can’t say fairer than that!

So,  if you have that important occasion coming up, but you still haven’t thought of a suitable gift – why not give Charlie’s Cartoons a go?

June 14, 2010

That Personal Touch

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Undoubtedly the best presents are the most memorable, regardless of costs; therefore if you achieve uniqueness with a gift – you have truly attainted the holy grail! However, far from being unattainable, unique gifts really are out there! And one of the most unique, and frankly, humourous, has to be personalised caricatures. But what is it that makes personalised caricatures so… well… personalised?

Well, as Charlie makes the caricature from photos, he is able to get a spot on likeliness of the subject, whether its your own caricature or a the caricature of a loved one etc – of course the nature of caricature portraits means that the completed caricature will be a cartoon version of your subject – let’s face it, that’s what’s so fun!

Additionally, Charlie will want to create the caricature portraits within an appropriate context – or to put it more simply, your caricature will be shown with mannerisms that are unique to him or doing something that they are well known for – so if your loved one loves football, then a caricature cartoon of your subject playing the beautiful game would be perfect! This personalised touch to the caricature cartoons means you’ll have to let Charlie know a little about your subject or subject and you can exchange ideas.

So, it truly is possible to get a special someone a truly unique gift and let’s them know exactly how special they are to you.

June 9, 2010

Caricature from Photos – How Does it Work?

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Caricature pictures are a truly unique gift, ideal for all types of occasions whether its a birthday, bar mitzvah or wedding anniversary, and make an great alternative to staid traditional gifts – such as, yawn, jewellery or flowers. However, understandably, you won’t want to take the plunge with caricature pictures without first understanding what the process involves. So, how does it work?

With a view to making the entire caricature from photos process as simple as possible – with Charlie’s Cartoons ordering your caricature portraits couldn’t be simpler, simply get in touch via the “order my cartoon” page.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the process from then on in is pretty simple, and apart from supplying some photos of the subject, a long with a little story that we can work into the caricature pictures, you can just sit back and relax while Charlie does his thing!

Of course at Charlie’s cartoons we are 100% committed to getting the caricature portraits exactly right; therefore if we are in any doubt about where to take your picture then we will ask you some additional questions about the subject – but that shouldn’t be too difficult should it!

Within 24 hours Charlie will then get back to you with some ideas about where to take the caricature portraits which he will discuss with you and ensure that your getting exactly what you want. You will also have complete control throughout the process; therefore if an idea springs to mind then Charlie will be a happy to accommodate it!

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