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February 14, 2012

What Present can you buy for a dad?

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Caricature Present for dad

Caricature Present for dad

Throughout the course of running this caricatures from photos business, I’ve been trying to answer one key question for customers: What presents for dad can I buy that he hasn’t got already? Dads can be daunting figures, and we often perceive them as having everything they need already – after all when we turned up our dads had already been around for a while, right? Dads have had time to accumulate most of the possessions which correspond to their direct interests. Except, of course, the yachts and sports cars. But we don’t necessarily want to buy those when a 60th birthday comes around, do we? Presents for dad can be tricky to choose. What could I possibly get him that he hasn’t already got, we ask… A caricature, we reply!

What’s great about creating caricatures from photos for a dad is that you’re not buying a thing that dad wants. You’re doing better than that. You’re representing everything that dad wants and loves. While the most valuable presents for dad can be the most expensive, caricatures from photos can be even more valuable, and produce even more happiness and satisfaction, for the fraction of the cost of say – a bag of golf clubs.



Sure, many people see a caricature as something disposable. When they’re rushed and gimmicky, they definitely are. But a caricature can be so much more than a stretchy face. A caricature from photos of moments shared with friends and family can be a gift worth keeping forever.

A caricature drawn and painted to contain the smallest details and funniest anecdotes of a life shared with your loved ones can genuinely become a favourite possession. So next time you’re struggling to buy dad something, don’t settle for something that will just join the pile of “things that dad has”, give him something that will hang on the wall by his bed and that he’ll look at every day: get him a caricature!

February 4, 2012

Online Caricatures Orders from 2011

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Well I’ve just come back from doing my yearly “reality check”, which is when I stop doing caricatures from photos, invoicing people and balancing the balance sheet for a few minutes, and actually come up for air to see what’s going on. For this, I use my very own caricature software. I’m not talking about an automatic caricature software that produces caricatures from photos in 20 seconds – I’m talking about Microsoft excel… and survey monkey!

When I’m not waving my brushes about, these are my two main tools. A spread sheet to tot up the “who’s who”: Ie, over the last year, who commissioned professional caricatures for who? And on what occasion? This has revealed some interesting facts. Whereas I thought that I was mainly producing leaving gifts for bosses and caricatures from photos of dads, it turns out that husbands turning 40 or 50 are the main target… and these professional caricatures are bought, of course, by their wives.

Then you’ve got the survey monkey. A brilliant tool, and free to boot, the “monkey” tells me what customers have thought of our professional caricatures service. I just ask a few key questions in a survey form: Why did you pick us over other providers of caricatures from photos? Did you type “caricature” into google, or was it something else? And what did you think of specific things like likeness, or the frame? All of this helps not just to refine our online marketing, but also in making our product better.

Caricatures from photos are not the easiest things to sell online… but then again, if there was no internet, there’d be no Charlie’s Cartoons. Thankfully, the tools are there which make the journey that much easier – so if anyone else out there thinking of selling caricatures from photos, don’t forget your caricature software!

January 31, 2012

Key Differences – Painted Caricatures & Digital caricatures

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How are digital caricatures produced from caricature software different from professional caricatures painted by a human being? Well, in some respect, there’s not that much difference at all! After all when an artist looks at a face, she picks out all the details as a whole, and one by one. A professional caricature is the result of careful analysis and synthesis of details – it depends as much on a quick brushstroke summing up the shape of a head in a an instant, as it does on the fine tuning of minute details.


Similarly, the facial recognition programs that produce custom vector caricatures look at the bigger picture and at the smaller picture. The caricature software will pick out the face’s outline, identify the head type, and assign the appropriate polygons and algorythms which correspond to that type. Then, the caricature software goes in for the detail: defining the outline of the nose, the width of the eyes, the thickness of the lips, the ears, the angle of the mouth… In exactly the same way as a artist does when she paints professional caricatures.

However, as you might expect, there are key differences. One is purely functional: When working on professional caricatures from photos, artists can gather an impression of a multitude of photos in order to distill the perfect caricature “summary” of that person. But hang on, who am I to say that caricature software can’t also do that – after all, it’s not my line of business! But it seems to me me that custom vector caricatures can’t help but be the result of a narrow process. The bigger picture of producing professional caricatures means not just seeing the face outline – it means seeing the full personality, the particular sparkle that a person exudes. That might seem a bit airy-fairy, but it’s true. Custom vector caricatures just can’t quite add that touch of personality – the best they can do is preserve it – whereas professional caricatures should gather all the elements of someone’s personality from a range of photos.


January 27, 2012

Digital Superhero Caricature vs Hand Painted Caricature pt2

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So last month, the director of a company with which I used to share an office came up to me and asked if we did custom vector caricatures. What? Us? The hand-made caricature company par excellence? Of course not – we make professional caricatures in the traditional way, I thought. None of this new-fangled stuff. Then I thought again. If sporting art websites create a superhero caricature on demand, then surely I can be just as flexible? “We’ll give it a go!” I said, and so we set about doing our first ever batch of custom vector caricatures.

The aim was to depict a company team as simple vector characters. And the technique: To start with a straight draft, as usual. Then, to simplify the draft and scan it. And finally, we would draw custom vector caricatures on top of the draft scan, on Illustrator. And Bob’s your uncle!

Of course, I’m pretty good on Photoshop but when it comes to Illustrator I know nothing. Thankfully one of our cartoonists, Vincent Bouriot, is King of custom vector caricatures. Vector Vince, as he’s now known in the company. He’s the one guy I know who can produce professional caricatures in a digital format that are ultra simple, but completely uncanny. Like he can distill the likeness of a person into a few vector lines, in the same way that websites create a superhero caricature from nothing but a name, a photo and a chosen colour.

Professional caricatures in a vector format are actually pretty rare. On one hand you have the masters who usually work in a hand-made medium, and on the other you have not people but programs: digital processing systems that turn photos into custom vector caricatures. But these can be a fine art too. Julian Opie, for instance, will distil a look into a couple of black dots, showing that custom vector caricatures are as valid an art form as any other.

January 24, 2012

Digital Superhero Caricature vs Hand Painted Caricature pt1

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Most of the time, people want the best possible thing, at the cheapest possible price, and as quick as possible… So when they’re looking for caricatures, custom vector caricatures, according to this principle, would be the best choice. A number of websites create a superhero caricature, or design team caricatures for t-shirts, or deliver whatever cartoon caricature related product you want, digitally, and within very little time. So why bother pushing the boat out and spending more for a hand-made caricature?

Well, ideally I’d get one of our happy customers to give you a call and tell you why. After all, I’m obviously going to tell you that what we do is brilliant, but if you got it from the horse’s mouth… then you’d realise why a hand-made cartoon caricature was so much more valuable than a digital product.

Of course, it really depends what you’re after. Sometimes you don’t have the budget to invest, or the cartoon caricature isn’t for a particularly special occasion, in which case it’s far better to go after custom vector caricatures automatically generated from photo material.

But sometimes that’s not the case. If you want to make an impression with a loved one, or if you want an image that represents your company… You’ll be looking for a higher level of creative investment in your cartoon caricature.

Websites create a superhero caricature for a kid if that’s what he’s looking for – similarly, websites that produce artwork for companies who want to represent their staff in the best light, will produce a hand-made cartoon caricature if that’s the desired style. Because even if all that’s required is a digital product, custom vector caricatures somehow don’t fully convey personality. You have to involve the human touch, go back to basics, and then digitalise the cartoon caricature to make it website-friendly.


January 17, 2012

The Big Egg Hunt – Olympic caricature (Egg)

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Wow! The caricature egg has been an experience. Just finished it. A three foot high egg-shaped caricature of five female and five male British athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. The whole thing is taking place in the context of the “Big Egg Hunt”, a massive charity event that will culminate in the largest public art exhibition London has ever seen…  And this is the only cartoon caricature they have!

Painting it, with all these characters flying over and under the 3D shape, I was reminded that several websites create a superhero caricature to order, and that they create caricature material quite similar to this: Characters flying and jumping all over the place… But few really take the time to do a cartoon caricature in such detail. And that’s something I’m particularly proud of.

So I thought on: Today, could websites create a superhero caricature that are truly original? Or would they fall back on the old Marvel-like tricks that have become so familiar over the last seventy or so years? In my opinion, if you’re going to create a cartoon caricature, you might as well make it genuinely original. Go back to basics. Just like my Olympic egg caricature character is striving to achieve something great, what is this particular hero trying to achieve? What is their dream? What is their aim? Such questions will inform a truly interesting caricature. They will shape the athlete, or the hero, and give him or her a distinctive voice and personality.

So now, as I dab my last white dashes onto the Olympic caricature, three days before our big gala launch at the Goring hotel, it’s time to stand back and see if this is really original, if it has real artistic value. I can’t really tell… phiewh! Impossible to be objective! But I hope people will like it. We’ll see, I guess.

January 11, 2012

Best Medium for Caricatures From Photos

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The medium used when producing caricatures can change depending on the surface you’re working with, and the audience and event you’re targeting. Usually, we use watercolour paint when working on caricatures from photos that clients supply to us, in order to produce their personalised gifts on A3, A4 or A2 paper. These look great up close, and watercolours are the best when you’re dealing with intricately detailed cartoon caricatures, and you don’t want to overpower the indian ink lining.

However, when you want to have more of an impact from afar, acrylic is the way forward. I’m currently producing a series of caricatures from photos of athletes from the UK Olympic team, which I’m painting onto a giant egg that will be placed on a plinth in a public space somewhere in London. This is part of the “Big Egg Hunt”, a London-wide charity project that’s aiming to raise millions for the charity Action For Children. And by the by, it’ll be a great promotional tool for our caricatures business too!

Anyway, for this I am using acrylic. Why? Because first of all, it’s the easiest medium for cartoon caricatures painted on a canvas primed surface. And second, it catches the eye from afar. The colours are bold, strong and dense, as opposed to watercolours with which you can struggle to get your caricatures from photos that are really defined and colourful, look defined and colourful too.

But caricatures from photos of people that you’ve never met are always tricky, whatever the medium you’re using. I personally always try to create my caricatures from photos that are high-resolution, and reveal every detail about the face and general physique… but despite everything that’s available on google, producing high quality caricatures from photos that have just the right angle, and aren’t over-pixellised, is far from easy.

November 24, 2011

Preserving memories when you do not have photos

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Photographs are by far the easiest and most common way of preserving a special memory so it can be treasured forever and also shared with friends. Despite the fact that digital cameras are now carried by anyone who uses a smartphone, sometimes the best and funniest moments are impossible to capture on film. They might be unexpected and gone in an instant, like the sighting of golden eagle on a mountain walk, or happen in places where photography is tricky – in the water or at a concert, for example.

While we usually create caricatures from photo sources, there is a lot more to a great cartoon than just reproducing a single image. We can bring in elements from multiple photos or (with a little help from you) draw something that perfectly represents that wonderful moment you didn’t quite manage to capture on film. It might be your loved one catching a perfect wave on the local surf beach or a holiday sunset that the photos just didn’t do justice to – whatever memories you want preserved, we can help.

A caricature cartoon can reflect a single moment in time or it can sum up a year or a decade. It’s hard to find a single photograph that captures all the ups and downs of an entire career, for example, but pen and ink can do a superb job. By building a caricature from photo sources and from descriptions and discussions, we can make sure you get something that brings to mind all those precious moments every time you see it.

November 19, 2011

Christmas card caricatures

Christmas cards are usually gorgeous items to send to friends and family. Whether depicting traditional nativity scenes, snowy landscapes or cute festive icons such as snowmen, robins, pine trees and Father Christmas, there is always a huge choice. However, why not try something a little bit different for certain members of your circle this year?

If you want to impress your friends, colleagues, and distant family members with something special this holiday season, we’ve got the ideal solution. A cartoon caricature can be framed and hung on the wall but the image can also be used for other things. They make excellent Christmas cards.

A caricature from photos can include all the family, including those who live far away. Imagine your auntie’s delight in finding that she has been included in this year’s family portrait even though she’s moved all the way out to Australia! The pets can be there too and we can also include motifs that reflect what you’ve been up to all year long – the achievements the kids have made at school, images from your home or garden, the holidays you’ve taken together, and much more.

With our help you can send out a Christmas card that will be a delight to open. Caricatures from photo images are completely personal and always good fun. If you want to send a card that will be saved and kept rather than ending up in the recycling bin, get in touch with Charlie today and order your caricature in plenty of time for the holiday season.

November 14, 2011

Happy family portraits

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All too often, portrait photography looks staged and awkward. Kids can be particularly tricky to capture properly because they’re not usually big fans of wearing their Sunday best, sitting still, and following precise directions for a prolonged period of time. They’d much prefer to be depicted doing fun things, like baking a chocolate cake or playing football in the park. The best pictures of individuals are always taken when they’re concentrating on doing what they love.

Most families have a range of hobbies and getting everyone and their favourite things into a single frame is a pretty difficult task. Unless you come to us, of course. Caricatures from photos can be created from just a couple of images or a group of different and diverse photographs. If you want just one picture that shows all your loved ones at their very best it’s a great option.

Cartoon caricatures can show every member of the family as an individual, yet make sure they’re all together as a unit too. They provide a wonderful way of celebrating every person’s quirks, strengths, and personal joys, but also showing that the whole group is loving and cohesive despite those differences.

If you struggle to find a photograph that really shows each and every person in your family happy and laughing, consider letting Charlie draw you a caricature from a photo or a handful of photos. We’ll work with you to come up with a design that you’ll all love, and one that will show friends and visitors exactly what your fantastic family is really like.

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