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October 7, 2011

Caricatures Make an Emotional Investment

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I often get repeat customers coming back to order caricatures up to a year after their last order. The caricatures business is one that builds up a solid following, but it’s nothing quick-fire! It’s not like we’re selling doughnuts or contact lenses here. Caricatures are bought as a gift, and then if that gift goes down well, people think of the idea again a few months down the line, when the next birthday or wedding pops up.

Just this morning I had a couple of caricatures ordered for a birthday. The order was placed by a customer who had ordered a caricature for a wedding over a year ago, in August. It’s always funny when a familiar name pops up in your email list… You try to think: when did we last do caricatures for this client. You try to match a name to an idea, a composition… then , when that fails, I run a search through our caricatures archive, to put a name to a face. So,, who are you… oh yes that’s right, you’re married to that woman flying through the air on a magic carpet, dressed as Princess Jasmin and holding a giant blackberry. That’s the one!

That’s when it’s fun for me to take a trip down memory lane and re-visit old orders. Every single caricatures order represents an emotional investment, so it’s always funny to go back and see these caricatures, and to wonder what those caricatures have lived through since they were made: How many people have seen them, smiled, laughed…

October 5, 2011

Cartoon Caricatures for Weddings

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I got two orders today for cartoon caricatures for weddings. The funny thing is customers rarely know exactly what they want for this kind of caricature. They have the general feel that they’d like something sweet and pretty to commemorate their big day. But then the day can’t be all pretty and perfect – it shouldn’t be too serious. That’s where cartoon caricatures come in: to poke just enough fun at the characters, at the event, and to undermine any seriousness in an upbeat way. Cartoon caricatures say: “Hey, we might be dressing up, looking fancy and living a fairy tale for a day, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Taking one of the most important steps of a lifetime doesn’t have to be done without the kind of sense of humour that a caricature can convey.”

But beyond knowing that they want to bring that feel to the event that cartoon caricatures bring, customers often don’t really know where to start. They’re often overjoyed when I explain that cartoon caricatures can kill a multitude of birds with one stone: they can be scanned and used on invites, they can be mounted and left by the marquis to sign on the day, and they can be kept forever after.  With all these uses at hand, our cartoon caricatures often turn out to be pretty good sentimental and practical value for money!

On the other hand, wedding caricatures are the type of cartoon caricature for which people are, understandably, the most particular about what they want. And you can understand why: this isn’t just some funny off-the-cuff caricature gift to hand to granddad on father’s day – this is how people want to be portrayed at their prime. Cartoon caricatures, sure. Humour, absolutely. But everything in exactly the right dose, please! Wedding cartoon caricatures are drafted and re-drafted to get the balance of humour and personal charm absolutely right.

October 4, 2011

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

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A question that many of us ask ourselves, what on Earth should I get my partner for our anniversary?  We can always go for the standard gifts – chocolates, wine, flowers, but none of these things really have any meaning.  If you are looking for a special and personal gift, one of our cartoon caricatures is perfect for you.  Our caricatures are tailored specially to you, and we can incorporate any unique memories or traits that you wish.  So whether you are a keen golfer, or love your garden, our caricatures are completely centred on what you require.

As all of our caricature cartoons are individual, you can be sure of receiving a completely individual gift.    Drawn by only professionals, these caricatures are great framed and hung on the wall.  With different sizes available, these unique gifts can be made completely to your specification.

With that extra dollop of humour incorporated into every cartoon caricature, these gifts are sure to make you smile every time you look at them. Our caricatures from photos are also very realistic and picturesque, giving that extra bit of personality to each and every one.  Our process to making these great caricatures from photos is extremely simple.  All you need to do is get in contact with our team and send some photos across.  Two or three photos will normally be enough, but occasionally we may ask for more.  Photos are easiest to portray when they are portrait photos, so any portrait photograph of your partner will be fine.

September 24, 2011

A Leaving Gift For A Well Loved Boss

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Do you have a boss who is retiring or moving on to something else? If you have a well loved boss, why not give him or her something special for a leaving present? Cartoon caricatures make fun and memorable leaving gifts for a well loved boss.

Most people have some amusing or crazy stories about their bosses that could be incorporated into a caricature from photos. Why not ask around the office (or wherever it is that you work) to get some stories and ideas from your co-workers.

Others might also be able to supply photos, so don’t hesitate to get others involved in the project. Chances are, if it’s a gift from everyone, they will all be chipping in to pay for it anyway.

You may also want to ask your boss’s family for some ideas. They might be able to supply information that will make the gift more personal, as well as assist you  in avoiding any stories or incidents that might embarrass them too much to include.

After you have gathered some stories and photos, send us the information via the contact form. Just click on the Order Your Cartoon tab to get started.

When we get the information from you we will immediately start thinking about how the caricature from photos should look.

We have done caricatures from a photo before as leaving gifts, such as the one we did for Francis Baron, former CEO of the Rugby Football Union, which you can view in our portfolio.

September 18, 2011

Caricatures For Grandparents

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Sometimes grandparents are hard to buy for. So, why not get a personalized gift that will show your affection as well as your sense of humour?

Caricatures make great gifts for people of all ages. But perhaps grandparents will most enjoy seeing happy memories from their lives transposed into cartoon form. After all, what better way to remember the past in an uplifting light than to do it while smiling or laughing?

A cartoon caricature specifically for your grandparents could be a picture of your grandfather and grandmother in a familiar scene or from a favourite memory—like their wedding day,  a perfect vacation, or sitting in lawn chairs in front of their house.

Or, you could order a caricature from photos that featured your grandparents in the forefront with their grandchildren in the background.

Send us some information about your grandparents along with the photos. Tell us who they are and what they like to do. You may even want to collaborate with some of your cousins to get more perspective on what your grand parents are like, and how the picture should look.

Once you have some photos and ideas, send them off to us via the contact form found under the Order Your Cartoon tab. Prices start at only £90 for A4 caricatures from photos. Please place your order well in advance of the day it’s required.

September 14, 2011

Caricature For Birthday Gifts

Looking for a unique and fun birthday gift for a friend or relative? How about a humorous caricature? Cartoon caricatures of the people you know and love make wonderful, amusing gifts that are sure to be treasured for years to come. Here’s how you can order a caricature from us for a birthday gift.

We love humor, so the more you can tell us about the person’s hobbies, interests, work, and family life, the more we can incorporate into the drawing. Tell us what makes this person tick.

Some ideas you might want to include are favourite leisure activities, memorable vacations, pets, life accomplishments, and goals for the future.

For a birthday specific caricature from photos, you could also tell us a bit about what kind of party they are having. What will the cake look like? Is there a theme for the party, and who else will be there?

Once you have some ideas put together and have chosen some photos of the person  (two or three will suffice,) click on the Order Your Cartoon tab at the top of our web site, and then fill in the contact form.

After we receive your information and photos, we’ll brainstorm to get a basic concept for the cartoon we plan to draw. We’ll then get back to you with our ideas within 24 hours. You’ll have the chance to let us know what you think and make any suggestions for changes.

The finished caricature from a photo is sure to be a delightfully amusing gift for anyone’s birthday.

September 9, 2011

Caricature Cartoons Of Pets

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Looking for a gift for an animal lover in your life? How about caricature cartoons of their pets? This is a fun way to give a piece of original artwork that will have special meaning to the recipient.

Pets offer lots of fun and humorous potential for a caricature cartoon as they are often doing funny things, acting mischievous, and posing cutely. Caricatures from photos of pets make good Christmas and birthday gifts. But they would also make a good tribute gift for someone who has recently lost a beloved pet.

For an adult pet portrait, why not consider sending us some photos that span the pet’s lifetime? For instance, if your friend or relative has a cat, send us a picture or two from when the cat was a kitten, and then one of it as an adult.

Or, you could send photos of the pet in some favourite activities or positions. Is this a dog who loves to sleep on his owner’s bed? Or perhaps it’s a rabbit who loves to be cuddled like a baby? Send us these great shots so we can incorporate them into our caricature from photos.

Tell us a little bit about the pet’s personality too. What is his or her name, what are their favourite foods, favourite toys, and who is his or her carer? Once you have chosen your photos, just send them to us via the contact form under the Order Your Cartoon tab. Then we can get started on your caricature pet portrait!

September 1, 2011

An Anniversary Caricature For Your Spouse

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Looking for a fun anniversary gift for your spouse? How about an anniversary caricature from a photo?

Here at Charlie’s Cartoons, we make high quality, humorous caricatures from photos. They make fun and highly personalized gifts for anniversary gifts. It’s a great way to spark memories and share a smile with the one you love.

All you need to do to get started with your own custom caricature from photos is visit the Order Your Cartoon page. Fill in your details, and send us a couple of photos of the person you want us to draw.

You can also tell us a little bit about them. This is a great place to mention hobbies, favourite foods, what they do for a living, or how many grandchildren they have. It’s a way for us to get a sense of your spouse’s personality so that we can incorporate some of those traits into our drawing.

Once you have sent us the information, we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can with our own ideas—within 24 hours. After that you can tell us if there are changes you want us to make to the concept, and then it’s time for us to get started on your caricatures from photos.

Once we’re done we’ll send you an invoice and a scan of the finished drawing. Pay for your artwork, and then we’ll post it to you framed to your specification. Looking for prices? An A4 drawing starts at £90. For more price information, get in touch.

August 28, 2011

Caricatures As Graduation Gifts

Graduations are a time to show how proud you are of your children, friends, relatives, or anyone else who has recently finished, or is about to finish, university. If you’re hoping to give someone a unique graduation gift, why not consider caricatures?

Custom caricatures are a fun way of giving a unique gift that anyone will love. Whatever the age or personality of the recipient, the occasion of a university graduation deserves to be recognized with a gift. And a unique, fun gift is always better.

Why not send us some photos of the recipient so that we can draw a cartoon caricature that can be framed and hung in a place of honour. All you need to do is contact us by clicking on Order Your Cartoon. Just fill in the information fields, tell us something about the subject of the photos, and we can get started generating some ideas.

Once we have some ideas based on what you’ve told us, and on the photos you’ve sent, we’ll let you know what we have in mind. Caricatures from photos can be based both on what the person looks like as well as their personalities, hobbies, interests, etc.

After you have approved our ideas, we’ll get started on your drawing. It can take anywhere from three days (in an emergency) to three weeks to complete your drawing, depending on how busy we are. But we’re sure you’ll love the finished result.

Why not browse our portfolio of finished caricatures to get some ideas for your graduation gift?

August 23, 2011

Choosing Wedding anniversary gifts

What objects make good wedding anniversary gifts? Sort of depends whether it’s a big one or a small one … but then, is there such a  thing as a small anniversary nowadays? Time was when a couple would get married in their early twenties and then would wait a good fifty years or so for their “golden wedding” – depending on whether or not they both lived that long.

Today, there seems to be a material for every anniversary on the life-long calendar: silver wedding anniversary gifts, pearl wedding anniversary gifts, wood wedding, paper wedding, bacon wedding – hang on, I may be making them up now. But my point stands: people are celebrating anniversaries more often. Probably because relationships are lasting less long.

Though this seems blindingly obvious, it’s impossible not to notice the underlying cynicism of such a proposition: it’s as though we now go into relationships thinking: Hey, this probably isn’t going to last that long – better squeeze in as many anniversaries as we can!

Still, this is NOT the line with which we approach most of our customers at Charlie’s Cartoons… If I was to point out my ideological and practical doubts about the institution of marriage to every customer who breezed my way I probably wouldn’t be selling that many wedding anniversary gifts now would I!

The fact is, wedding anniversary gifts do bring pleasure. Just as the event itself does – whether there was a gift or not. These are opportunities to stop and look back. Stop looking at now, and at the immediate future, and turn briefly to the past to weigh up the richness of experiences accumulated together.

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