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July 19, 2011

Wedding caricatures go down a treat

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Weddings are among the most important occasions in people’s lives. Tying the knot is an act of love and devotion and it marks the start of a new phase of couples’ relationships. So, as well as all the fun and celebration, these events have a serious and deeply intimate side.

Therefore, when you are looking for presents to buy the bride and groom, you might find you are stuck for inspiration. It can be hard to find romantic gifts that are not clichéd. Sometimes the happy couple provide a list for you to choose from, but this is becoming less popular.

One great option you might not have considered is caricature cartoons. After all, this is not necessarily the most obvious thought when you are conjuring up ideas for offerings. Instead, your mind may initially be steered towards toasters, wine glasses and so on.

However, custom caricatures can last for much longer than household appliances and glassware. Such items often take pride of place in living rooms and other such spaces and are admired by all who see them.

The best thing about personalised caricatures is their ability to capture the personalities of the bride and groom and to draw attention to the events that led to their marriage. As well as being great pictures, they also tell many stories simultaneously.

And, unlike gifts that lack originality, these offerings are sure to be unique.

So, if you want to make an impression with your present, why not take a look around our website and see if we could provide you with the perfect wedding caricatures.

July 14, 2011

Cartoon caricatures to commemorate a trip

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If you have been on a trip to remember, you may well want to commemorate it. Perhaps you went with colleagues from work, a group of friends, your partner or your family. Whoever was involved, the memories might be something you are eager to hold onto.

The trouble is, in this age of digital photos, many of the images you take may simply be stored on your computer or downloaded onto the web. This can be a great way of sharing pictures, but it is never as good to view them in this way. They don’t seem as real.

Of course, you can choose to print out some of the photos to place around your home or office, or to keep in albums.

However, you can take this one step further and have special caricature cartoons created to celebrate your adventure. Such pictures are fantastic because not only can they be humorous and great to look at, they also tell a story about your trip.

By sending images into us here at Charlie’s Cartoons, along with a number of anecdotes concerning your holiday, you can rest assured the final product will provide a superb reminder of your experiences.

Among the best images to send in are action shots. These make the perfect base for custom caricatures as people’s features already tend to be exaggerated.

Each time you look at the cartoon caricatures you order, you will instantly be transported back to your trip.

Meanwhile, you can also have such caricature pictures created as a present for your fellow holidaymakers.

July 9, 2011

Caricature cartoons make the perfect leaving gift

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When people you care about move away to far flung destinations, you may feel a deep sense of sadness. Although communications technology is better now than it has ever been in the past, this still cannot make up for the fact that the individuals will no longer be in the same location as you.

Before they leave, you may want to show them you care and provide them with thoughtful gifts. However, it can be hard to know what to buy in such situations. Often, recipients cannot take anything big or heavy with them, as they have to transport it. Also, many of the sentimental presents available look clichéd and even tacky.

But there is one great option that ticks all the boxes and that is personalised caricatures. These pictures can make a fantastic addition to the people’s new homes and should bring a smile to their faces each time they see them.

Of course, you can choose what is included on the caricature gifts. For example, you might want to use a group picture including you, the individual in question and a number of others.

The wonderful thing about caricature pictures is the fact that they can encapsulate people’s personalities and experiences so concisely.

Meanwhile, by using us here at Charlie’s Cartoons to get your caricature portraits, you can ensure the gift is truly personal. We ask you to provide information about the individual or group involved, or a story involving them.

To find out more about how our service operates, simply take a look around our website or get in touch.

July 8, 2011

Handmade or Digital

There’s a number of great sites out there doing caricatures from photos. Some of them are more digital based, using sophisticated photoshop methods to achieve brilliant creative results in a minimum time. Often the results are neat, high-impact and clear. In addition, due to the short time it takes a well trained photoshop artist to create such a caricature, the products are often quite affordable too. So why pay more for one of our hand-made cartoons?

Well there’s no straightforward answer to that. After all, I guess we just make the same basic product: Caricatures from photos that customers supply. Except ours take longer and cost more. So why bother? Well, let me paint you a picture (as it were): Your granny gets two pictures for her 80th birthday: One is a digital cartoon, very slick and well made, slightly reminiscent of the kind of illustration you might get in a glossy magazine. The other is a hand-made cartoon, made with ink and paint, containing details that the cartoonist pored over for days to produce. Which of these two caricatures from photos do you think she’s more likely to keep for a long time? If you’ve gone for the hand made caricatures from photos (that’s what I was angling for…) then you’re right: These are really enduring gifts. They will be kept for years to come and raise a smile on a regular basis. So they’re worth the investment, don’t you think?

At the far end of the digital spectrum, you even get programmes online that will use complex algorithms to transform your photo into a cartoon. As this is fully mechanised and doesn’t take a second of artistic intervention, the service can be free (the sites get money from advertising only). Once again, a great idea for some type of occasion: An e-invite to a birthday party, for example. But if you’re looking for long-lasting caricatures from photos, go the hand-made route. It’ll be something that’s kept forever.

July 5, 2011

Family caricatures help to preserve moments for posterity

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Raising a family is not always easy, as you will know if you have one yourself. However, it can be one of the most rewarding things people can do in their lives and is therefore something that should be marked.

The incredible thing is how quickly times change. Youngsters seem to transform from babies to children, to adolescents and then fully-fledged adults within the blink of an eye. It is therefore vital to preserve each stage for posterity.

This is where family caricatures come into their own. Not only are they a great way of marking points in time and reflecting events that have happened, they also encapsulate something of the personalities of those included. Meanwhile, they look great hanging on walls and often get plenty of positive attention from guests.

Also, there is another advantage of having caricature portraits of your family. Because the end results are humorous, they provide a great opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Laughing together is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationships.

The great news is, getting caricature cartoons has never been easier. For example, you can use our website here at Charlie’s Cartoons. All you have to do is send us a few pictures and some details of the individuals in the snaps, or information about an experience you want to be reflected.

Regardless of the type of group caricatures you are seeking, we should be able to help and, because you get to edit or add to our ideas part way through the process, you are bound to be more than happy with the results.

July 4, 2011

Better than a Wedding Photo

Yesterday a friend asked me: Is it possible to create a caricature from photo images, collected from a variety of different people, taken with a variety of different cameras, but all of which pertain to one specific situation? I said, could you possibly clarify as I don’t really understand what you’re getting at. She said, well, I’d really like a caricature from photo snapshots of my wedding, but I don’t know where to start! There were these little disposable camera thingies on all the tables you see – people could pick them up and take a snap… Then at the end of the evening, they were all thrown into one big bin bag and taken off to be developed. Great idea no? Well, the result is I have a pile of photos, some of which are great – and I’d love to somehow turn the whole experience into a caricature, using the photos.

Hmm, I thought. A tough one. But do-able!

We put our head together over coffee this morning and tried to see which of the “best images” would together represent the wedding in a caricature from photo testimonials of the great load of boozy fun that had been had on that famous evening. I had been there myself, but couldn’t remember much – a couple too many Jaeger Bombs perhaps, all precipitated by a far too early start on the whole champagne guzzling thing at the start of the reception. Anyway, we narrowed it down to 5 photos: one of the groom dancing in what looked like the remains of the cake, swinging his coat tails like they were some sort of imaginary samurai sword. Another one of the bride delicately putting her hand against her mouth and shutting her eyes, which could either mean “shh” or “I’m about to be sick”, plus three others of general tomfoolery.

The challenge was to include all of these finest details – which really epitomised the evening – into one picture. And that, no one photo could do. Only a caricature from photo collections covering such events can really bring it all together.

July 1, 2011

Rugby Scrum

What does it feel like to make a caricature cartoon? Well it depends on the occasion, really. Last July I was commissioned to create a cartoon for the leaving party of Francis Baron, chairman of the Rugby Football Union, to be presented to him on the day of his departure at Twickenham Stadium. Obviously, it was an important commission for us, and it was of critical importance that I should get it right. I had set aside a week of afternoons (the mornings would be used for administrating the business) to complete it. I had only just received the final bits of information from his secretary, and the deadline was in a week.

It was crucial not to mess this one up.  Because of the size (80x60cm), I decided to go for canvas. The tricky thing being, canvas is not the same material as paper, and the medium you use to produce a caricature cartoon on paper is totally different to what you’d use to create a caricature cartoon on canvas… But I did not know this. Instead, I just went ahead with my usual watercolours, which proceeded to fall off the canvas like oil drops off a Teflon pan. I had to bite the bullet and buy some oil colours. Not only had I no experience at all at using oil, but the shop only had three primary colours – blue, yellow and red. I treated myself to some black, white and green, just to be safe. Then, I had to make up every colours (skin included!), from scratch.

Needless to say, it was the most stressful caricature cartoon commission of my life. Still, when a friend called me up 5 days before the deadline, I put the paintbrush between my teeth, wiped the sweat off my brow and answered – Hewwo? She had tickets to Glastonbury festival. Would I work hard and spend the weekend sad and alone, or would I drop everything for the time of my life and almost certain professional ruin? Of course I chose the latter, got back on the Monday hungover, way behind on my deadline, and about to turn thirty the following day. I finished the caricature cartoon in two days, and it was a huge success.

June 28, 2011

Endless Possibilities with Caricatures

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When you think of the different circumstances and occasions in which you can give caricature gifts, there really is no limit to this. For example, if you have relatives who live abroad and you want to give them a permanent reminder of you and your family, why not send them family caricatures which capture you and your loved ones perfectly? You probably keep in touch with them on Skype, but they are sure to love this different perspective of their relatives which will adorn the walls of their home.

This is just one way in which cartoon caricatures can be used as a gift, but the options are endless and it’s easy to have your own caricatures drawn. First of all you need to find a talented artist, but seeing as you are here on the Charlies Cartoons website you don’t need to look any further for the talented artist!

Perhaps you have a friend who has a birthday approaching and you are wondering what to buy them to mark the day. If so, why not think about caricature gifts? This makes a real change from the usual present we tend to give to good friends, and you can be sure that they will love this gift when you present it to them on their big day.

Charlie specialises in drawing a caricature from photos, so all you have to do is send a selection of pictures and some information about your friend, and leave the rest to him.

June 24, 2011

Caricatures from photo

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When it comes to corporate gifts or company mementos, caricatures from photo documentation of a particular event can really keep the buzz from a team building exercise or field trip buzzing on throughout the year. Just pick the best photo from the endless folder-fulls of funny snapshots that colleagues tend to e-mail each other after such an event, and send it to your caricature artist. You’d be amazed by how much caricatures from photo 2124 (or whichever it was…) will bring an office to life, hanging from the wall of the coffee room in a nice wooden frame – just think of that!

Recently a group of colleagues sent me a photo of a rafting field trip in Canada – they were a group of young management consultants from Vancouver who had just been on a trip that sounded about as exhilarating as they get. Camping for two days, trekking to the starting point way up in the rockies, hours away from the nearest hospital, about to do one of the most dangerous sports there is! Clearly when they put their inflatable dinghies in the churning water, upstream of 8 miles of rushing white water rapids, caricatures from photo snapshots from other colleagues was probably the last thing on their mind. I had seen thei r website mugshots. Serious confident, neat – miles away from the looks of utter out-of-control exhilaration (veering in some cases to blind panic) that I saw in the photo they sent me when they returned from their adventure. Some of them couldn’t even believe that their expressions had been that extreme when I showed them the final article. But when I showed them the snapshot they had to admit it: These are caricatures from photo evidence, I told them.  There was no denying that that was them, at their best!

So if you’re wondering whether caricatures from photo recordings of your most exhilarating adventures are a good idea, the answer is usually yes… provided someone had the presence of mind to take a photo at the time!

June 22, 2011

Caricatures Can Make the Day

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Whatever type of caricatures you are looking for, you are in the right place to order them from an artist with an established reputation for providing top quality group caricatures and individual personalised caricatures. Charlies Cartoons are drawn to your specifications, and ordering them is so easy.

All you have to do is supply two or three photographs of the person you want to be featured in the caricature as well as some information about them. This can be either an amusing story about them, or a couple of paragraphs which will let Charlie know something about their interests and personality, and he will incorporate this into the finished caricature.

Once you have placed your order, you will be able to see it before it is dispatched to you, and if you would like any adjustments made, just let Charlie know and he will make the alterations before it is finally sent to you. If you are thinking of having family caricatures drawn, or group caricatures featuring friends from your sports club – or perhaps just your drinking partners! – the same applies. Just send some photographs and a little information and leave the rest to Charlie, who will create great caricatures from photos.

Caricatures are ideal for birthday presents, and if you need one in a hurry because you have forgotten somebody’s big day, it’s possible to have a quick turnaround with your caricature. Have a look at some of the examples of Charlies work and you will see why he is recognised as one of the most talented caricature artists around.

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