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July 4, 2011

Better than a Wedding Photo

Yesterday a friend asked me: Is it possible to create a caricature from photo images, collected from a variety of different people, taken with a variety of different cameras, but all of which pertain to one specific situation? I said, could you possibly clarify as I don’t really understand what you’re getting at. She said, well, I’d really like a caricature from photo snapshots of my wedding, but I don’t know where to start! There were these little disposable camera thingies on all the tables you see – people could pick them up and take a snap… Then at the end of the evening, they were all thrown into one big bin bag and taken off to be developed. Great idea no? Well, the result is I have a pile of photos, some of which are great – and I’d love to somehow turn the whole experience into a caricature, using the photos.

Hmm, I thought. A tough one. But do-able!

We put our head together over coffee this morning and tried to see which of the “best images” would together represent the wedding in a caricature from photo testimonials of the great load of boozy fun that had been had on that famous evening. I had been there myself, but couldn’t remember much – a couple too many Jaeger Bombs perhaps, all precipitated by a far too early start on the whole champagne guzzling thing at the start of the reception. Anyway, we narrowed it down to 5 photos: one of the groom dancing in what looked like the remains of the cake, swinging his coat tails like they were some sort of imaginary samurai sword. Another one of the bride delicately putting her hand against her mouth and shutting her eyes, which could either mean “shh” or “I’m about to be sick”, plus three others of general tomfoolery.

The challenge was to include all of these finest details – which really epitomised the evening – into one picture. And that, no one photo could do. Only a caricature from photo collections covering such events can really bring it all together.

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