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August 16, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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The funny thing about wedding anniversary gifts is the different shapes and sizes the various candidates come in. Well – not literally – I wouldn’t want to take the mickey out of my customers for their various shapes and sizes… Rather, by this I mean the size of the occasion, the length of the marriage, the intention behind the wedding anniversary gifts themselves.

Sometimes you get the “green” ones – young wives wanting to give their husband of one year their “paper” wedding gifts, now that the storm of the first year of house building and baby making has been weathered with success! Usually, the highlight to reflect back on at that stage is the wedding itself, so we frequently get the wedding photos for this type of wedding anniversary gifts, and are asked to recreate the big day in “cartoon” style.

Then you get the ten-year-anniversary (whatever that one’s called – is it bronze already?), usually depicted as idyllic family scenes, eight to six year olds running around, climbing over the parents now fully integrated into the routine and habits of family life. These wedding anniversary gifts depict the in-jokes and rituals built around life with a new brood: favourite garden hobbies, cartoon characters, the garden trampoline – all of these feature in a rush of colourful chaos.

Then you get the oldies – sorry to put it bluntly my grey haired friends, but that’s you label. Thirty year, fourty, even fifty year wedding anniversary gifts are commissioned from us which show the two partners settled and satisfied, the kids having flown the nest and taken on lives of their own. Activities here are usually of the cooking and gardening variety, with the young upwardly mobile professional kids lending the wedding anniversary gifts their more dynamic side.

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