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Hello, thank you for visiting. Charlie's Cartoons is not currently taking commissions. We've just put our pencils down for a few months while we restructure the team and the website. Thanks for your understanding and we hope to see you again soon!
Very best wishes, Charlie

Our Portfolio of Hand-PAINTED Caricatures

Caricature of Doctor


These five fearsome creatures were rather surprised to come face to face with cartoon versions of themselves.

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Caricature of Doctor


Loving husband, father of two and a creature of habit.

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The Boss


A leaving present for the CEO of Rugby Football Union

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Caricature for Wedding


Make the most of your wedding with a Charlie's Cartoon!

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Celebrity  Caricatures


Exhibited as part of London's Big Egg Hunt 2012, the world's largest ever Easter Egg Hunt!

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Caricature of Boyfriend


The webmaster on his motorcycle.

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The Stag Caricature


Commissioned as a wedding present for the groom.

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Caricature of Flatemates


After two years of living together, the flat owner Mark was given this as a leaving present.

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Caricature of Mum


Young American entrepreneur and “lifestyle consultant”.

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Caricature of Grandad


90 year-old veteran of the battle of Britain spent the war wreaking havoc amongst the Luftwaffe (and the female sex)

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Caricature of Grandma


A hyper-energetic mother of two sons kids, husband.

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Caricature of Girlfriend


A gift for a biologist from her boyfriend.

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Political Caricatures


Charlie's Cartoons as featured in City AM.

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Corporate Caricatures


Charlie's Cartoons are a fun, upbeat alternative to standard photo head shots of your staff.

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Custom caricatures: a gift they'll treasure

Personalised caricatures, such as family caricatures or wedding caricatures, produced for that special occasion, can show the recipients the deep affection with which they are held.

Hand-drawn caricature gifts never fail to delight and surprise. Caricatures such as family caricatures, special group caricatures, and wedding caricatures, will always stand out from more mundane presents.

Why opt for caricature gifts?

Caricatures have a long history, and are known and loved worldwide. Although both single and group caricatures have sometimes been used cruelly and vindictively - particularly where royalty and politicians are concerned - the caricaturist's skill is equally renowned for affectionately capturing the essence of a person.

Many people may secretly harbour a genuine desire to be captured by the caricaturist's art in this way. Those who give presents of wedding caricatures, family caricatures or other group caricatures, will always find that the recipient is truly flattered.

What types of caricature gifts are available?

Ordinarily, caricatures cartoons are drawn off the cuff at parties and other social functions, and are often rushed with a pen or pencil. Whilst these are enjoyable and presentable in their own right, it is much more thoughtful to try and secure custom caricatures towards which more time and study can be devoted, and for which better quality, usually hand-painted, artwork can be produced.

Such custom caricatures will also look even more like the subject, if they can be produced using favourite photographs. For example, wedding caricatures may look more effective if a photograph of the best man - for whom the cartoon caricature was intended as a gift - could make its way to the caricaturist's studio. Photographs are, of course, even more useful when trying to capture group caricatures or family caricatures.

Why choose caricature gifts over other types of portrait gift?

Well-taken photographs, or serious painted portrait studies, do have their place, but caricatures will often have the edge because, unlike serious portraits, they are so rarely produced. This is particularly true for wedding caricatures, group caricatures and family caricatures, where the opportunity for hasty cartoon drawing rarely presents itself.

Custom caricatures also compare very favourably, cost-wise, with photograph portrait collections and studio paintings.

Charlie's Cartoons: the ideal place for caricature gifts

At Charlie's Cartoons, we will not only represent the recipient or recipients in a highly skilful, hand-drawn and hand-painted format, but we will also professionally frame the caricature ready for immediate despatch.

Our service is unique, because, if the buyer lets us have a few photographs and anecdotes regarding the subject, we will come back within 24 hours with suggested ideas for the caricature. The buyer can choose to add to or edit these before the final caricature is completed.

The whole caricature gifts package works out at an amazing price for something so unique and long-lasting.

Whether wedding caricatures, family caricatures or other group caricatures, we at Charlie's Cartoons can guarantee your custom caricatures will be treasured for many years to come.